The Kliklok ACE cartoning machine presented at PACK EXPO Connects 2020

Despite the pandemic and health measures, some trade shows (a highly impacted sector) continue to exist online. This is the case of PACK EXPO Connects, the American packaging trade fair which ended on November 13th. A vintage which nevertheless attracted more than 17,000 visitors around 700 different stands. The German manufacturer Syntegon took the opportunity to present the Kliklok ACE. A state-of-the-art, efficient, ergonomic and durable cartoner (carton maker).

At a time when the concept of packaging is increasingly criticized for its ecological impact, the sector is innovating in this direction. Zoom in on this jewel of ergonomics which even in virtual reality has not gone unnoticed. Which according to observers was the big novelty of the 2020 edition.

State of the art industrial innovation

First observation, the Kliklok ACE imposes technically. The newly integrated flexible feeder ensures reliable and safe control of the carton throughout the process. “The new platform combines high speed forming capabilities with a wide range of carton sizes, giving manufacturers great flexibility,” said Janet Darnley, Product Manager at Syntegon Technology. The new model operates at up to 80 cycles per minute with single, double or triple heads. This offers more flexibility in terms of changing speed and size between these different configurations. During the PACK EXPO Connects demonstration, the machine was shown with a dual head system for typical carton sizes.

The Kliklok ACE can make lock or glue style cartons on the same machine. This offers great flexibility. Another technical precision, the Kliklok ACE range can handle various sizes of cardboard formats, ranging from a blank size of 190 millimeters in length x 122 millimeters in width to 800 millimeters in length x 600 millimeters in width. Finally, the new Flex Feeder guarantees reliable transport of boxes from the forming process to the exit of the machine. “This reduces the risk of jams in the machine that can cause downtime” says Darnley. Last precision, the machine is built in stainless steel with open frame, classified IP54.

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A durable and ergonomic machine

But this cartoner is also innovating from a sustainable development point of view. Because the cardboard sector is singled out. Its ecological impact compared to its usefulness makes more and more consumers want to buy products in bulk, that is to say without packaging. First, the locks and ultrasound machines work without glue. This offers real advantages in terms of sustainable packaging. In addition, the Kliklok ACE does not have a control cabinet, unlike previous ranges. No control cabinet means no air conditioning system for the cartoner. And therefore a reduced carbon footprint.

Syntegon has also placed great emphasis on an ergonomic design of the machine. The cardboard hopper, which operators load manually, was designed at waist height. Which makes the feeding process easier. This machine is therefore supposed to reduce the number of occupational injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. (TMS)

The Kliklok ACE is a new example of industrial innovation serving ergonomics and sustainable development. It should also not be forgotten that it was presented at a virtual fair. Sign of a world that is changing at great pace.