On my desk, an articulated arm, what is it for?

A screen always at the right height and a guaranteed space saving! Its first advantage: saving space on the worktop. Second advantage: the articulated screen support arm provides better visual comfort and “straightens” posture. It makes it possible to raise the visual field, because working with a screen that is too low puts strain on the neck, which causes pain, in addition, the eye-screen distance is adapted, its optimization prevents visual disturbances and migraines. A set of risks that can be reduced or even eliminated by proper installation.

Using a monitor arm makes work much more comfortable and increases productivity by 10% compared to a bad position. The choice of articulated arm should be made according to the use you will have of your computer.

For example, the mechanically adjustable arm may be sufficient when there is only one user. When the desired setting is reached, it is held in place with pliers and no need to retouch. The arm with gas struts is ideal when you need to regularly change the height and orientation of the screen, especially when there are multiple users.

The articulated arm is ideal for your computer monitor. It allows you to orient your PC and tilt it. Here is a non-exhaustive selection of products

Premium Office Single by BakkerElkhuizen

Premium Office Single : le nouveau bras de moniteur de BakkerElkhuizen, apparence moderne grâce à un design fin et élégant. Il est modulaire : possibilité de réaliser toutes les configurations souhaitées.

It has Super Rotation: the Premium monitor arm can rotate 180 ° on all joints. And it features efficient cable management integration.

For more information visit the manufacturer’s website

Constant Force™ by Ergotron

ERGOTRON’s ergonomic monitor arms use patented Constant Force ™ technology for easy movement, with unmatched load and cycle tests that ensure long-term durability.

LX brackets are sturdy, in polished aluminum, allowing you to optimize the repositioning of your LCD screens with just one touch: up, down, forward, back. The arms from ERGOTRON fold up onto the base in a compact and retractable position.

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Perfect for keeping them under storage shelves or in limited spaces

For more information visit the manufacturer’s website

Dual Flo by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Combine a screen and a laptop by adding the Flo laptop stand, which allows mobile / hybrid workers to use their laptop as a secondary display when in the office, improving both ergonomics and efficiency. efficiency.

The specially designed Dual Flo Clamp connects two displays or a monitor / laptop configuration with a single desk mount, reducing product and space costs. The maximum weight capacity is 18 kg, but it does not need to be distributed evenly, which can support weights of up to 5 kg.

For more information visit the manufacturer’s website

Platinum Series Dual Monitor Arm par Fellowes

For the manufacturer Fellowes, the usage methods and recommendations for its articulated arm, Platinum Series Dual Monitor Arm, are quite simple:
The position of your monitor is important. The versatility of monitor arm configurations also allows stacking, which is useful for anyone who may be viewing multiple screens at once.

Easily mounts to any desk via clamp (on desks between 0.4 “-3.35” or grommet (through grommet holes between 0.33 “-2.75 “in diameter). Two practical USB charging ports located at the base of the product allow you to stay” charged “(tablet, mobile, etc.) and allow 360 ° rotation.

Fellowes Recommendations:

  • Adjust the top of the monitor frame at eyebrow level;
  • Monitor should be approximately an arm’s length or approximately 20 “to 35” away
  • If you are using a dual monitor arm, the monitors should be side by side and tilted in a slight “V” outward. This positioning helps to avoid eye and neck fatigue.

For more information visit the manufacturer’s website