Ergotron sets out to conquer video games

Ergotron is a company known to the savvy of the ergonomics world. Founded in 1982 by Harry Sweere, it has since stacked patents to become a world leader in computer media. A company mascot for the world of ergonomics, because it’s a word it has helped popularize with the general public. Ergotron is indeed the contraction of ergonomics and electronics.

The Minnesota-based company has announced the release of a line of ergonomic stands dedicated entirely to video games. Fans of this discipline can indeed spend many hours in front of their screen. Not to mention the esports professionals, for whom ten hours a day of playing is almost a routine.

This audience, already huge in terms of purchasing power (there are 2.7 billion worldwide), is increasingly asking for ergonomic products. Especially professionals who see a contribution of performance. Following in particular the Herman Miller chairs and those more colorful from Razer, Ergotron markets its range of ergonomic supports specially addressed to gamers. Zoom in on this new love story between ergonomics and video games.

Adjust screens, a necessity when spending a lot of time in front of

Having become as much a test of skill as of endurance, games of video games can leave their mark. Especially if the screens are not positioned at head height and the right distance. The posture becomes bad and can damage the neck area. If the screens are positioned too close to the eyes (we all heard this advice from our parents when we were little) eyesight can be damaged over time. Which can also cause recurring migraines. The problem should therefore not be taken lightly. The Eergotron range falls at this point.

The Neo-Flex support

Neo-Flex is an ergonomic laptop stand. Its 15.6 cm height adjustment allows the user to position the screen at the correct height. This allows him to keep his head straight and avoid neck pain. The Neo-Flex support offers a 25-degree tilt (the largest on the market according to the brand), as well as a 360 ° left-right orientation thanks to casters located under the base.

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The HX bracket range

The HX bracket range is a bracket that can support 1 to 3 displays. A mount that can support the majority of new generation curved displays up to 49 inches wide (or 19.1 kg). Screens that are particularly popular in the gaming world. The HX single screen solution offers a large number of parameters to ensure maximum ergonomic support for gamers. Equipped with 29.2cm height adjustment, 75 degree tilt, 180 degree left-right pan or portrait / landscape function, the HX range is guaranteed for 10 years.

With an optional bar, the HX mount can mount up to three 24-inch displays. Which is a significant asset in the world of video games. We think in particular of the regular Fortnite fans. Two joints allow you to adjust the viewing angle of each of the three screens. Which gives an exhilarating impression of total immersion.

There is no greater sign of vitality for an industry than finding new markets. This new immersion of ergonomics in the world of video games is therefore good news for the sector. A new outlet which has emerged thanks to a new look at ergonomic products. That of performance support.