The ergonomic Iskur chair from Razer. When video games get down to ergonomics

While ZEvent, the charity event for streamers and gamers in France, has just ended, a new record has just been broken. As a reminder, last year, during this charitable 55-hour marathon broadcasted live by around forty streamers, they raised 3.5 million euros for the benefit of Institut Pasteur. This year gamers raised more than 5.7 million euros for Amnesty International. So you won’t be surprised, frequent Ergonoma readers, to hear about a boom in ergonomics, thanks in part to video games.

More exactly thanks to competitive gamers. Those professional or emerging gamers who can spend dozens of hours a day playing in front of their screens. Living in competition, they always demand more comfort and ergonomics from all the equipment they use. Thus collaborations between designers and computer peripheral companies are multiplying. Like the one between Logitech and Hermann Miller. A step in the merger of the 2 worlds has just been taken. Because this time it is a major player in the world of video games who brings out his ergonomic accessory. In this case the American brand Razer, which, under pressure from its community of followers, released the ergonomic chair Iskur. So what is this first ergonomic worth? This is what Ergonoma will try to find out by sifting through Iskur.

A high-end product with a gaming look

At first glance, the Iskur looks like other gaming chairs, with its faux racing car seat feel. Sold at a price of 499.99 euros on Amazon, it comes in only one color. In this case black embroidered with green. On the top of the ergonomic chair sits the Razer brand logo. The 3 intertwined green snakes starting each on their sides. A tradition with the American manufacturer, which gives its products the names of dangerous animals. The composition of the armchair: imitation leather covering an increased density foam. But what about ergonomics and well-being? it must be said that on this point, the chair has something to do with it.

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A real plus for posture and well-being

The ergonomic chair was obviously designed with a strong idea in mind. Which is to support the lower back by ensuring a neutral posture. It is equipped with a curved backrest support on the lower rear backrest of the chair. Thus a neutral position of the spine (which prevents sagging) is guaranteed for the user. The chair also has angled edges to optimize the support area.

The Iskur also comes with 4D armrests, which offer a wide range of adjustments. This allows the user to adjust the height once installed in front of the screen (which prevents the appearance of any pressure point and therefore MSDs, musculoskeletal disorders). They support a load of 136 kg and accept users ranging from 1.7 to 1.9 meters. Which in fact excludes some of the potential customers. A memory foam head cushion is also included, which relieves the neck, another fragile part when you spend hours in front of a screen. As you will have noticed, Iskur has been designed to promote the well-being of people who spend endless hours behind their screens.

A premium product

Only its price (a little less than 500 euros) can in short damage health by giving headaches. But the opinions are unanimous, the product is a top of the market, and has no equal in the service category for gamers. If you do not yet find customer returns in France, please note that this chair is rated almost 5 stars in the United Kingdom, the USA and Spain.

A high-end chair that sends a clear message: if you want to perform in front of your screen, ergonomics cannot be ignored. That comes with a hefty price tag, but you have to know what you want.