Autonomous SmartDesk 4, the latest major ergonomic innovation

COVID and teleworking have changed our professional habits like never before. And that, the office and furniture manufacturers have understood. They are in turmoil because they know they have to respond to new demands from a changing world. They also set themselves the goal of expanding their range and offering more innovative products. This is undeniably the case with Autonomous SmartDesk 4.

An ergonomic sit-stand desk equipped with unprecedented features, such as management from an application downloaded to your smartphone. Focus on this little gem of ergonomics, the umpteenth success of a manufacturer that quickly found its way into the market.

A high-end sit-stand desk

The SmartDesk 4, which will be available to the general public in November 2020, is a sit-stand desk, adjustable in height, with a design that is both elegant and refined. In fact, this is not just an electric sit-stand desk. But, as the brand proclaims, an ergonomic “high-end smart tool” package. The big news is that the user controls the desktop from an application he has previously downloaded. The latter syncs with any compatible Android or iOS device to give the end user full control of desktop settings. As well as many features focused on health and wellness.

Immediate benefits

“By leveraging our technological expertise, we have succeeded in delivering a cutting-edge intelligent solution that we believe will set the industry standard for productivity,” says brand founder Duy Huynh. But we have to admit that the advantages of the application are numerous. For example, users can use the app to remember preset custom heights. So you only need to find the right setting once and the application will continually suggest it to you.

Users can also set a personalized sit-stand schedule. This allows you to preprogram your postures and especially your physical movements for the working day to come. Because, as a reminder, the great benefit of a sit-stand desk is precisely the fact that it allows you to switch from one posture to another effortlessly. This allows them to be multiplied, which has many benefits for the user. This improves blood circulation, decreases pressure points (especially on the back, which is very stressed) and allows you to exercise. At a time when teleworking reduces our movements to the bare minimum, it is not a luxury.

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Crazy options for a height adjustable desk

The app goes even further by offering a posture and energy “consultant”. Inspired by time management apps, he sends messages to the user suggesting they change their posture. All this to ensure its good energy and productivity. Working out at regular intervals has never been easier.

Finally, the application offers a library of videos showing how to perform different physical exercises. These are numerous and most of them are part of the office. The latter is sometimes taken for a pull-up bar. Then again, a feature that appears to have been created due to the telecommuting boom.

Autonomous has still not communicated its price. However, taking the SmartDesk 2 as a base, we can place it around $ 1,400 (just under 1,200 euros). A price that may put off some but often inherent in a product bringing many new features to the market. At least there is something for everyone.