Egoa, the luxury ergonomic mobile chair

When one read articles on ergonomic furniture, it is noticable that most of the new products come from Northern Europe and Anglo-Saxon countries. To give readers a broader vision of the sector, we are now heading towards Spain. The Basque Country more precisely. The Stua company, managed by Jesus Gasca, offers designer and ergonomic furniture. While respecting the environment, in particular through sustainable production.

The latest is a range of designer mobile chairs called Egoa. A name that is reminiscent of the famous Basque poem Txoria Txori by Joxean Artze may be better known by the title Hegoak. A series of very high-end furniture, therefore, and easily movable.

In order to meet the increased need for flexibility. This set is available in 2 parts: the mobile armchair and work chair. Result of a close collaboration with the Barcelona designer Josep Mora. Zoom on this jewel of ergonomics and comfort Made in Spain.

An immediate feeling of comfort

Egoa chairs immediately give an impression of comfort. The seat and back are ingeniously articulated, inviting users to adopt a dynamic sitting posture. This allows great freedom of movement.

The chair adapts to most weight and height. The frame is made of chromed steel. The seat and its back are available in a variety of wood finishes.

This design, made for over 20 years, is fast becoming a timeless classic.

For the manufacturer, there is no doubt: “It is essential to try the Egoa chair to enjoy the exceptional comfort that this design offers.”

It should be noted that the wood species come from sustainably managed French forests. The upholstery is available in fabric or leather. Pleasant and stylish, the Egoa chairs are also teeming with novelties.

One of the most innovative materials

The Egoa chair has a unique movement system. It gives a feeling of total freedom to the user. The innovations are both technological and design. They are based on 3 elements:

  • The hinge. The seat and back are articulated via aluminum parts that allow the seat and back to move.
  • Movement. Thanks to its articulations, the seat and the backrest move according to the user’s body.
  • The use of ultra-thin French wood plywood for the seat and backrest.
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Many new features, and of course casters on all products in the range. Because our way of working has been completely changed. And that, Stua understood perfectly.

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Mobile furniture, the ideal asset for hybrid work?

Jesus Gasca, the CEO of the company, studied engineering at the Polytechnic of San Sebastian. In 1983, he founded the company STUA, with the idea of creating a collection of contemporary furniture, with a vocation for timelessness. Here he clearly indicates his vision for the future of our working methods through the Egoa range. Unique pieces made with high technology and simple and original shapes.

After the upheaval of forced teleworking, workers discovered new possibilities. According to recent surveys, 40% of them now think they will adopt a hybrid form of work in the near future.

As a reminder, hybrid work consists of spending a few days of the week and the rest of the week at home, and this necessarily involves a modification of the supplies equipping the offices at company headquarters.

Hybrid work ultimately implies the disappearance of the appointed offices. Manufacturers are therefore offering more and more office furniture that is either mobile or modular.

That employees can themselves find modular “pods” and quality equipment when they arrive at the office. With the simple aim of enabling them to create spaces to suit them. For this, the furniture must be movable as easily as possible. This explains the castors on all products in the Egoa range.

Now it’s up to the company to convince its employees to come to the office. So much so that many studies now ask what is the ideal office for employees. What is certain is that Ergonoma readers will see many developments in the months to come.