Jaguar Building services: Designing a better environment

In a time when companies need to innovate and develop work environment for their employees, some are going the extra mile. Jaguar Building Services not only helps customers cope with new restrictions and measures taken for covid 19. But the company also provides security and safety for staff to work efficiently. JBS has chosen the Yo-Yo DESK ® PRO 2 electric height adjustable desks bundle from Sit-Stand.Com ®.

JBS is a leading specialist in the operation and maintenance of complex construction service systems. Based in London, UK. The company’s blue chip customers include Lloyd’s of London, Savills and British Land.

When they made the decision to improve the layout of their own desks, they chose the UK’s # 1 sit-stand desk supplier, Sit-Stand.Com ®. The British leader found himself supplying and installing height-adjustable offices to satisfy the specialist in the maintenance of corporate and historic building services.

Quality, cost and customer service were at the top of their list of criteria when the contract was awarded.

Rethinking office layout

The pandemic has not only forced thousands of employees to work from home, it has also prompted many companies to rethink their office layout.

Initially, it was about space offices and reconfiguring hallways and aisles to ensure social distancing.Lately, companies have organized office spaces that support hybrid work and office sharing so employees can work part-time at home and in the office for the long haul.

For Paul Roberts, Managing Director of JBS, it’s quite simple: “At Jaguar, our priority is the health and well-being of our staff, which is why sit-stand desks were chosen to promote a way of healthier living in an office environment that will benefit our employees. ”

A more serene workplace

Design a better environment. This is the slogan of Jaguar Building Services. Pair this with every Sit-Stand.Com ® desk and accessories, like the anti-fatigue Yo-Yo MAT ®, memory switches or monitor arms. This is the guarantee that one can do the job healthily and efficiently in the workplace.

JBS Associate Director Liza McGuigan explained: “Part of our effort in this regard was to help free up more floor space so that we could have more gateways and introduce a one-way system. to help social distancing of two meters in accordance with the government’s guidances. ”

Best practice training

Sit-Stand.Com ® is an agile business based in the UK. It brought a breath of fresh air to the European market for ergonomic office solutions. Each product in its range is designed to improve well-being during the working day.

User guides are provided to ensure best practices. Active work seminars are offered to educate customers. Provide information on the reasons or how to reform sedentary behavior in the workplace. For maximum well-being and productivity.

“We are passionate about not only delivering great solutions that increase office productivity and well-being, but change user habits,” says Gavin Bradley, MD Sit-Stand.Com ®.