Jarvis bamboo sit-stand desk, a test bench and a new owner

The sit-stand desk is undoubtedly the rising star of well-being at work. It must be said that its benefits are particularly suited to the changes we are going through, that is to say an extreme sedentarization due in particular to teleworking. Our days are nothing more than postures held for hours and lack of exercise. Faced with this peril, more and more people think of sit-stand desks.

The principle ? A work surface similar to a desk, but adjustable in height and most often motorized. This provides two main benefits: the workstation adapts to the needs of the user and it makes it possible to change posture

(sitting – standing) very easily and therefore many times during the day. For more movement and exercise. Today we’re reviewing the Jarvis Bamboo Sit-Stand Desk. A desk manufactured by the Fully brand. Fully is henceforth part of American giant Knoll. It acquires the pioneer on direct-to-consumer sales of high-quality, high-performance adjustable height desks, ergonomic chairs and accessories to expand its distribution and reach a new audience

A high-end model at a reasonable price

The Jarvis is a height-adjustable sit-stand desk that stands out with its elegance. It is constructed from bamboo from sustainable forests. A UV cured water-based polyurethane coating has been applied to its surface. The water-based dye meets 2 prerequisites: elegance and respect for the environment. The frame has a peak lifting capacity of 150 kg. It is adjustable over an amplitude ranging from 60 to 125 cm. The up-down rocker handset exploits the natural movement of the arm. The enhanced programmable OLED touchscreen handset makes it easy to customize settings. It is equipped with a combined digital display with 4 pre-programmed options.

Opinions are unanimously positive. Particularly mentioned are its functionality (including the installation) and of course its bamboo design.

When you have in mind the beauty and complexity of this desk, its price is astounding. Currently unavailable on Amazon, some sites advertise it for less than 600 euros. A medium-low price range for an object approaching in terms of high-end quality. An object whose elegance, ergonomics and respect for the environment must be recognized. All at a more than reasonable price. Shouldn’t this be Knoll‘s paw?

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A workstation now distributed by… Knoll

This is the big surprise in the world of office accessories. Since last year, the SME providing high-end office equipment, Fully, has been acquired by the giant Knoll. Which, to the surprise of some, has not changed the life of the small business tremendously, especially in the design of the workstations. This is demonstrated by the marketing of the entire range again this year. As it announced in the press release formalizing the takeover, Knoll seeks above all to diversify by setting foot in the high-end part of the market. Even more incredible, a year later, it seems that it is Fully who exerts an increasing influence on Knoll. Particularly regarding corporate values, something to which David Kahl, the founder of Fully, was very attentive.

In conclusion, the Jarvis sit-stand desk in bamboo is a safe bet. Affordable price, breathtaking design and ergonomics. With great respect for the environment as a bonus. All this resulting from a (all too rare) beautiful story of corporate takeovers with mutual respect for values. There’s nothing to say, we want more!