Human and responsible light by Artemide

With the arrival of autumn, we know that the drop in natural light plays a big role in our metabolism. Back to work for many of us, interview with a “myth” in the high-end professional and residential lighting industry. Present at WORKSPACE 2019 in Paris, we met Alain Taillandier, who has been running Artemide France for 30 years (to read in our Ergonoma Journal 55). The France division of the Milanese company is as passionate about technology as it is about design. The opportunity for us to do a little reminder.

From its creation in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza, this beautiful house has revealed its ability to create. Specialized in the manufacture of lighting designed by architects with a fascinating design, thanks to the best designers (Gio Ponti, Mario Botta, Herzog and De Meuron, Richard Sapper, Jean Nouvel …) The company produces objects with elegant and intelligent design . All of this combined with great flexibility. Based on extremely advanced technologies. Whether it’s research or human interaction. Artemide has launched its “The Acoustic Light” range into the interplay between design and light output. Integrated lighting with elements absorbing vocal sounds. To improve the indoor climate of an “open space” type space from an acoustic point of view.

Questions answers

Ergonoma Journal: So what are your new technologies?

Alain Taillandier: Our new products remain the individual control of light. Via smartphone apps. Lamps capable of absorbing noise, as well as transmitting data through light.

EJ: Artemide is also an eco-responsible company: ISO9001-ISO17025 certified.

AT: Our carbon footprint in France is equal to ZERO: all of our technical products are manufactured in France in our factory in Saint Florent sur Cher, not far from Bourges and therefore delivered from Bourges.

EJ: Artemide is now establishing its reputation in the service of “operational” spaces. Is it to respond to the problems of architects, in the design of “flex office” spaces that you have chosen to combine lighting and acoustics?

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AT: Even though innovation is an important part of our DNA. The technology is at the service of the comfort and serenity of the users above all else. As part of our creations, we always favor visual comfort as well as acoustic comfort. A well thought out use of the object at the service of its user. For example, with LED technology which has been making its small revolution since 2008, for Artemide, we have opted for high quality products. Particularly as luminescence and durability.

Too many users have been fooled into the merchandise with low-end LEDs. This well-mastered technology allows us to equip our technical lighting with a “presence detector”. After a few minutes, the light turns off if no further movement is captured by the infrared sensor built into the object. Likewise, we have integrated the possibility for the user to communicate with his smartphone.

Another example of management.

Depending on the amount of natural light. Very often in areas near windows, artificial lighting is only needed in the morning, evening or night. During the day, natural light is sufficient to ensure visual comfort. The lighting is therefore regulated automatically, depending on the intensity of natural light and sunlight. While corresponding to the market, our products for the service sector adapt to new ways of working. For us, working on the adaptation of new operational spaces for the well-being and comfort of users is natural. We work with acoustical engineers. They create with us, either new products, or when technically possible, adapt some of our products such as the legendary NUR lamp in “NUR ACOUSTIC”.

As part of the WORKSPACE 2019 exhibition in Paris, we presented a “coworking” type space, “in situ”. Developing all of our skills in terms of “communicating” lighting and acoustics of open spaces. With the only concern for the well-being and comfort of users, for a real quality of life at work