Eyrise glass partition, a healthy workspace.

According to many historians, glass has played a much more important role in the history of mankind than we might think. Many hypotheses attribute the renaissance period less to intellectual profusion than to the popularity of the mirror. Object which would have directed us to meaningful selfknowledge. Leading to the famous postulate “I think therefore I am” popularized by Descartes. Nowadays, the mirror can now help men in another challenge, securing their workplace.

That’s the bet of Eyrise, a German company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. A leader in liquid crystal technologies, The company is launching the i350 dynamic glazing. As you may know, liquid crystals technology allows the control glass and window opacity.

The German company announces that its technology will be able to give privacy almost immediately. Thus helping to create work environments that are both safer and healthier. Closed spaces bathed in natural light.

Let the light pass, not the curious prying eyes

The i350 comes in the form of a glass partition used to separate spaces in the workplace. According to Eyrise, its use could be broken down into multiple concrete applications. Like ‘private meeting rooms in offices, consultation areas in hospitals or VIP areas in retail stores. “

The i350 uses Licrivision technology. A transparent liquid crystal solution is placed between two glass plates covered with a transparent conductive film. Using low voltage, the direction of the liquid crystal can change. Making them switch, in an instant, from a random position to a well-defined orientation.

Once activated, the partition offers total privacy while allowing the passage of natural light. Direct result, lone workers without feeling in a cellar, which is quite very pleasant.

Note, a specifically selected dye can be added to meet any color request. A fairly impressive product technically. But is it enough to significantly impact workspaces? Eyrise’s management, of course, does not doubt that for a second.

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Towards a new organization of the workspace?

“With just one click, people can decide to interact socially through transparent glass or opt for privacy. Celine Glipa, CEO of Eyrise BV, does not hide her confidence.

She notes that, thanks to Eyrise’s latest addition, meeting rooms can now be set up in the middle of important crossing points. Not to mention another significant advantage: the triple thickness of the glass seems to be an effective bulwark against viruses and allergens.

In these times of new sanitary restrictions and challenges, a suitable solution allowing to maintain an activity in full safety can only be praised. At least, this is what seems to push Eyrise who wants to locate the i350 in high traffic areas. Like the halls in train stations or airports. Bold move given current hygiene concerns.

As some manufacturers are pushing for the introduction of solutions borrowed from hospitals to fight bacteria and infections, such as COVID 19. Solutions such as UV-C lamps, which seem to kill the virus in a few minutes, could be of a great addition.

Combined with ultraviolet technology, liquid crystal glazing could position itself as a solid guarantee to fight against infections and the spread of viruses in confined spaces.

Released in early April 2021, the i350 has yet to generate user reviews on the web. Almost no information has also filtered out on the price of the glazing range. The specialists will follow the evolution of the innovation concocted by Eyrise and the user feedback very carefully in the coming months.