Eureka expands its acoustic lighting solutions color range

Eureka is a famous word attributed to Archimedes, but it is also a company. A company created in 1987, a subsidiary of the Acuity Brands group based in Atlanta, United States. It specializes in decorative lighting solutions. The majority of the models in the range bear the stamp of high-end design. Eureka claims itself driven by a “passion for the design and manufacture of top quality decorative lighting”. A passion that it draws on designers and architects to offer them solutions in their trades.

The company was also one of the pioneers in the commercialization of acoustic lighting. In other words, decorative lights that also help regulate ambient noise. Given the success of this range, the American firm announced on November 23 that it was adding 26 new colors to the 4 already existing. In particular more vivid colors. Focus on the principle of acoustic lighting, the work of Eureka and the boom in the sector.

The principle of acoustic lighting

The acoustic lighting does not differ from others in appearance. The secret is in the fabric. It is made of high density PET (half polyethylene, half polyester) felt. When the sound meets the felt fibers, the latter move slightly to absorb some of them. This automatically regulates the ambient noise. Operation similar to that of conventional acoustic panels. As a reminder, the most used materials in these are mineral wool, cellular plastic, but also plant substances such as hemp, cork or wood fibers. Eureka has also thought about the environment. Because the range is made up of at least 40% recycled content. Each lamp is also 100% recyclable. Finally, the Eureka website specifies that the range consists of lamps that can be installed indoors or outdoors. Even if it is often “indoors” that the need to regulate noise appears.

26 new colors available

Until now, the range consisted of 4 standard colors (red, navy blue, silver gray, dark gray). Eureka now offers 26 colors for acoustic materials. Designers can take advantage of a neutral palette to mix or soften an aesthetic. Or they can transform a space with vibrant pops of color on a ceiling or wall.

Gradual awareness of the problem caused by noise

If you are an avid reader, you must also have come to the conclusion that acoustic control solutions have been on the rise in recent months. The problem of noise and its consequences is starting to be taken seriously. Employees are complaining more and more about hearing fatigue (which is characterized by the appearance of continuous whistling in the ear) and the stress caused by too high ambient noise. It must be said that the trend for several years (successive crises requires) is to reduce the number of square meters allocated to workers. With, for example, the emergence of the open space model (everyone works in the same large space without partitioning). A model designed to circulate information without hindrance. This is also the case, unfortunately, with noise.

The range of acoustic lighting is in any case as beautiful to look at as it is interesting to discover. If a price idea or reviews cannot be found on the internet, it is easy to imagine that the epithet high is likely to be applied to both. But for the design and the well-being of their employees, some do not count. It’s hard to blame them.

Source LEDsmagazine