R-Go Numpad Break, keyboard with pause indicator

As you probably know, one of the main causes of MSD in office is vertical wrist breakage. A phenomenon recognizable by frequent use of a traditional keyboard. Your wrist should always stay in line with your forearm. The repeated use of mice results in just as many injuries to the wrist and shoulder. To avoid them, it is therefore strongly recommended to keep your hands in line with the shoulders.

Ergonomists recommend not resting your wrists on any support when you type. Your hands should be floating in the air. They should be able to move nimbly over the entire keyboard surface. Only guided by your entire arm can they reach the most distant keys. If your wrists are propped up, you are only exercising the small muscles in the wrist and hand to move. Extensions are then necessary to reach the most remote keys. The wrist rests should therefore not be used while typing. Their use is strictly reserved for the times when you are not typing.

To keep wrists straight while typing, R-GO TOOLS has developed a separate ergonomic keyboard. Composed of two detachable parts, adjustable according to each person’s office space. Whatever your working posture, it promotes a comfortable typing. The keyboards have a minimum thickness. A flat keyboard thus promoting a neutral and relaxed position of the hands. This automatically allows the tendons of the wrists to relax. Avoiding obstructing the blood flow in the hands. In addition, a scissor mechanism makes the typing sensation lighter, reducing the effort required.

The R-Go Numpad Break! the perfect companion.

In combination with R-Go Split and R-Go Compact keyboards. This numeric keypad is free to be placed anywhere. It makes it possible to alternate between use by left-handed and right-handed people. Thanks to its ultra thin design, it allows better blood circulation of the hands when typing. Light Touches reduce muscle tension needed to type. But the big news is the pause indicator, allowing you to not forget to take breaks during prolonged use. Patented R-Go Break software indicates with color signals when it’s time to take a break. As you type, the light changes color, just like a traffic light:

  • Green: well done!
  • Orange: it’s time to take a break
  • Red: you have worked too long
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Also, in an ecological concern, all the keyboards from de company are made from 100% recycled plastic.

To try it is to adopt it ?

In order to experience the benefits of healthy work yourself! R-GO TOOLS is offering businesses a 30-day trial of the R-Go Numpad Break with the R-Go Compact Break keyboard free of charge. The compact keyboards, associated with the numeric keyboard, guarantee the spread of both hands. So that these always stay shoulder-width apart while typing and using the mouse. This posture reduces muscle tension in the shoulder and arm, and therefore MSDs.

R-GO TOOLS is a company that develops ergonomic tools for healthy computer work and distributes them worldwide through partners. Their products are characterized by a unique combination of ergonomics, affordability, durability and design.