A real consideration of the QWL of companies

For a better Quality of Life at Work, choosing equipment for its employees is a subject that requires reflection. Whether it is to rearrange spaces or completely fit out new premises. The approach requires an intelligent study of the resources available. A set of points must be analyzed: optimization and organization of spaces. An analysis of traffic flows. A study on product ergonomics, acoustics and lighting.

Each project is unique. So many decisions to be made depending on your premises and the activity of your business. Office Depot supports its clients from the design to the completion of their project. By making its integrated design office available to its customers. Its teams create the plans for your project in 2D & 3D and provide their planning expertise. They take into account the rationalization of spaces as well as traffic flows. Once your project is completed, all you have to do is select your products from a wide choice. Design and functional furniture offers, ergonomic furniture and equipment, a team of delivery-fitters ensures the delivery and assembly of your equipment. And to complete the well-being at work of your employees, office depot offers new services thanks to artificial intelligence.

My Smart Assistant Office depot

Cyconia is an artificial intelligence that mimics the behavior of an assistant at work. It takes care of the work-life balance by providing services for family, home and work life. He puts colleagues in touch with each other. It takes care of the health of the employee thanks to its advice on “Better Living at Work” and its telemedicine module. This corporate chatbot is trained in the profession of office manager. This artificial intelligence, recruited for its skills and experience, becomes the key element of your digital workplace. He responds by instant messaging to all requests for services or information from your employees. Whether it’s for leave, payroll, health insurance, special leaves, HR policies, contracts, CSE etc … free your email box, let Cyconia take care of it!

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“Ma Ergo solution “

A workstation audit with the intervention of an osteopath / trainer in gestures and postures in your company. Musculoskeletal disorders affect all professions and are costly to businesses. According to a recent study They are increasing by 8 to 10% per year. According to the Pays de la Loire CPAM, the average cost of a shoulder MSD for the company is 17,000 euros, that for the carpal tunnel represents an average of 12,780 euros for the company. Finally, rotator cuff tendonitis is around 52,759 euros. Obviously, without counting the days of compulsory stops. They represent a thirteenth month per employee for the company. This is why Office Depot supports you in your Quality of Life at Work policy with “My Ergo solution”.

This service allows you to carry out a workstation audit with the intervention of an osteopath / trainer in gestures and postures in your company. He will analyze and diagnose any problems. Recommend suitable equipment, provide advice on posture and provide you with a report. The e-learning solution can also be provided to them. It includes advice on posture and use of equipment. Goodbye visual discomfort, neck pain, back / leg pain, or wrist pain.