Technology at the service of the well-being of patients and seniors

Korian is a French company specialised in managing nursing homes (better known in france under the acronym EHPAD) as well as specialized clinics (SSR) in six countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands). While the news is full of gloomy examples for EHPADs, Korian company has decided to become the majority shareholder (in collaboration with the VYV group) of the Grenoble-based startup Technosens.

Technosens specializes in design and development of ergonomic digital solutions for health and medico-social establishments. The company, founded in 2007 by Thierry Chevalier, develops customizable solutions that adapt to the capabilities and constraints of their users. The Just Simple © label issued by Technosens guarantees equipment and services accessible to all by their ease of use. Through its commitment, Technosens plays a unifying role with healthcare professionals (long-term care homes, hospitals, homes), social partners (communities, mutuals) and home-based actors (service providers) in the reconquest of the social bond. Technosens places a great importance on Research and Development of innovative solutions with high added value in terms of uses.

The goal of this investment? Offer the E-lio solution in all its establishments. A solution that allows residents and patients, using digital panels and a television connected to a box installed in each room, to maintain social ties via video and audio calls with their loved ones and to access daily life information (entertainment program, menus, weather forecast, etc.). The solution also facilitates team communication within establishments

E-lio, for seniors’ well-being.

Leading solution of the Grenoble startup (and reason for its investment by Korian), the E-lio solution is intended for seniors. For people in hospital or with reduced mobility. It revolves around 4 main services:

The e-reception: A feature that transforms paper bulletin board into a digital bulletin board. It allows families and residents to enjoy a large, lively, colorful and up-to-date display. Messages and their broadcast ranges are entered using a mobile application.

The e-family: mobile application for families. Thanks to e-Family, patients can share moments of life with their loved ones. No development is necessary for its installation. As with e-accueil, this functionality is managed by the e-lio Manager application.

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The elioBox and elioTab: Allowing access to simple digital services on TV or tablet. An application rather developed for EPHAD (digital life support for seniors), elioBox replaces traditional television by making it functional. Thanks to its simplified remote control, the resident will be able to switch from his TV program to a videoconference with his grandchildren without changing the device.

The e-speaker: digital functionality for facility staff. It makes it possible to facilitate exchange of information between main structure and various stakeholders working with residents or patients. By optimizing travel times, the app reduces stress on staff, making them more efficient and productive. Information is also more easily passed on to families.

Break the image of the EHPAD

By investing in Technosens, Korian is demonstrating its ambition to raise the level of range of its healthcare establishments. This goes against the negative image conveyed by EPHADS in the media lately. On April 13, a collective of elected officials and professionals in the sector jointly signed a column in Le Monde to denounce “the current situation of these establishments, which is a veritable State’s scandal”. By equipping itself with the innovative E-lio solution, Korian is demonstrating its desire to move forward. This will help to improve the image of these establishments.

Besides patients of a clinic, the E-lio system brings together two protagonists who were not intended for this. In this case, seniors and the digital world. For this, emphasis has been placed on its ergonomics and ease of use. Provide them with access to crucial information in an accessible and scrollable manner. And allow them in seconds to be able to make a teleconference with their families. Which positively influences their morale. Especially in times of isolation.