Well-being at Work Prize of Carcept Prev Foundation: the winners

During the health crisis, especially during the first confinement, the usefulness of many professions appeared in the headlines. Like that of transport and logistics, essential for the supply of basic necessities. The general public has also discovered that the profession is not without risk. Drivers and handlers are particularly exposed to MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). This is why the Carcept Preva Foundation awards annual awards to companies that help improve working conditions in this sector.

This year, 7 companies received an award, along with a financial contribution to their development. Two prize categories: occupational health transport and express innovation. For information, the Carcept Preva foundation was created by the eponymous company. A company offering social protection products to the entire transport and logistics chain. Focus on the 7 winners, these companies that improve the lives of professionals in the sector.

The category “Transport and health at work”

This category rewards the efficient solutions of companies in the branch to fight against occupational diseases. Diseases that can include psychosocial risks, but also MSDs, poor diet or addictive practices. A podium made up of 4 companies: 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

Gold medal: Transports Bray

Transports Bray is a company that has implemented a comprehensive approach to remain attractive, retain its employees and reduce work stoppages. To do this, it relies on 3 levers: the creation of a trainer position for drivers, partnerships with Pôle Emploi to recruit and then train unemployed young people, and finally the development of a strong corporate culture. A corporate culture based on values such as transparency, trust, fulfillment and proximity.

Tied silver medal: Transports Marcel Garnier

The family business TMG, from Loudéac Côtes-d’Armor bringing together transport, logistics and co-packing or packaging and awarded, in March 2019, with an Oscar for growth, systematically uses feedback from the field to improve QWL (quality of life at work)

Tied silver medal: Transports Depaeuw

This company is notably rewarded for the annual organization called “Safety Encouragement”. An event that promotes a theme around workers’ health every year.

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Bronze medal: Régie Ligne d´Azur

This company was rewarded for its QWL policy integrating all the components of the company. Note: it also regularly tries to unite its employees around major public health issues (blood donation, screening, etc.). The company also received the “COVID Special” award for its management of the health crisis.

The “Innovation Express” category

This category rewards companies specializing in the quality of life at work. In particular, Health and Well-being at Work solutions, the positive impact of which on the sector has been validated. A podium this time without equality, therefore composed of 3 winning companies.

Gold medal: Japet Medical

Japet Médical offers exoskeletons specially designed for workers in this professional branch. In particular to lighten the weight lifted by the handlers. A technology that has allowed a significant reduction in work stoppages.

Silver Medal: Moodwork

Moodwork offers solutions that improve the daily life of employees. Like self-diagnostic questionnaires for truck drivers. Solutions that were jointly created by researchers and business leaders.

Bronze medal: Nanonap

Nanonap is a startup that has set itself the goal of improving the quality of sleep. It offers a system that optimizes the phases of sleep thanks to electrical stimulation.