Nooka Space, the company that will revolutionize teleworking

Nooka may be the company that will revolutionize professional workspaces for good. Launched in January 2021 by Irish Leane Beesley, it is aimed at remote workers. It provides them with smart, ergonomic office spaces connected to Wi-Fi. Offices that can even be set up at the bottom of a garden or be rented out to neighbors. Neighbors who come together through a community of homeworkers. With offices in Ireland, Romania and London, the firm already provides deliveries throughout the EU.

A Europe that it wants to conquer with its new concept and its two flagship products, the Nooka One and Nooka Two. Providing remote workers with equal or even better conditions than what they may have had in a company, that hardly seemed unimaginable. Zoom in on this invention which risks disrupting the world of teleworking.

A smart office and a community of remote workers

This is how the company sums up its offer. For Bogdan Burciu, Head of Design, the opportunity was obvious. “Nooka is above all a global community designed to share local spaces in a simple and practical way. We wanted to find a way to improve the ‘work from home’ experience. With remote working being so common now, we felt like there was a huge void in the market. Especially for micro-workspaces in residential areas. So people don’t have to choose between the convenience of working from home or the productive environment of modern corporate offices. “

Affordable smart office space includes up to 3 workstations, multiple module configuration, office and chair furniture. But also a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, IoT sensors, and booking, scheduling and electronic payment options… The Nooka concept is available in 2 products, the Nooka One and Nooka Two. These are 2 offices taking the form of autonomous cubes. With obvious care given to design. The Nooka One seems to be ideal for workers who want to be left alone. The Nooka Two can accommodate up to 2 people in the same space. The customer only has the option of subscribing at this time. Reservation fees start at 1000 €. They are followed by a monthly payment plan ranging from 299 to 599 euros, depending on the type of workspace, configuration and installations chosen. Remote workers can choose from a large number of options, ranging from a few hours per month to a permanent presence.

Towards the emergence of community coworking?

Nooka calls the concept she created “community office.” At first glance, it sounds like a privately managed coworking space. This is why Bogdan Burciu insists on the community aspect. “Nooka is a new category of coworking space, where people share the same principles of flexibility and productive space, but the community is spread over a network rather than under one roof.” A community all the same divided between the people hosting a workspace and those renting them. The former relying on the latter to make the office installation profitable.

Nooka spaces are pre-assembled in their manufacturing plant. They are then delivered whole via a freight truck. Two-person installation teams then take care of setting up the office. An assembly that lasts about 2 hours.

A smart office that can be coworking, the idea seems revolutionary. The idea of creating a community and offering relatively affordable subscriptions (for business expenses) seems to be even more so. Enough to make you want to follow the fate of this company which, even after a month of existence, is already talking about it.