Maisons du monde innovates with a new warehouse

Maisons du Monde, no need to present them to you. Since its creation in 1996, the French furniture and decoration brand has established itself as a major player in Europe. Like many other furniture brands, Maisons du Monde is shifting to better integrate environmental protection into its operating methods. But, unlike the others, the French brand’s main effort will be through … a new warehouse. A 69,000 square meter warehouse is about to open in Heudebouville in the Eure region. It was delivered by the company Viastore, an international leader in order picking and automated storage systems.

The result ? A new, modular system with a reduced environmental footprint. A system that can process large-sized and large-volume products at the same speed as small commodities. Zoom in on this gem of CSR (Social and Environmental Responsibility) which is about to emerge in France. A jewel that will be delivered in 2 phases: a first in 2022, and a second in 2023 for the cells that will house the automated system of Viastore.

A latest generation automated order picking system

Viastore took more than a year to develop the Goods-to-man system especially for the Normandy warehouse. Spanning 9 cells of the building under a 22-meter-high ceiling, Goods-to-man will take care of multi-format products. Products ranging from 30 cm to 2.20 m and from 1 to 200 kilos. But its great peculiarity lies in its cadence. Its processing capacity will in fact be 1,000 pallets per hour. “An unmatched rate for goods of such a volume”, specifies the German company. Because, another significant feature, Goods-to-man will take as long to process large and small volumes. The cadence is not only intense. But also guaranteed. A real competitive advantage in the order picking sector.

Significant improvements in CSR

“This is a massively modular system”, comments Jean-David Attal, General Manager France of Viastore. The Goods-to-man system also emphasizes ergonomics. In terms of equipment, but also methods. The result is simplified work, less inefficient movements, but also a reduction in the volumes stored and shipped. The consequence ? A 15 to 30% reduction in the floor area of shipping trucks. And therefore a reduction in CO2 emissions emitted by them. More ergonomics (therefore less risk of injury) combined with a reduction in the carbon footprint. A system that will certainly make the task of CSR managers easier. But the Viastore / Maison du Monde duo wants to go even further.

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BREEAM level Excellent certification in sight

Next step: obtaining BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification. It is the most widely used building certification standard in the world. It is used to calculate the environmental performance of a building. To achieve this, Viastore has made further adjustments. First, the installation of LED lighting and photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building. Electric vehicles will be used. Attention will be paid to sorting waste during and after construction. Finally, the outdoor spaces will be developed with the aim of promoting biodiversity.

This new center will make it possible to complete the network of Maisons du Monde in the north of France. This will reduce transport times and consequently CO2 emissions. All accompanied by better working conditions. An investment that will benefit employees, but also customers and the environment.

Sources: Ecommercemag