Ergotron Welcomes Phil Kelaart as Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations

Ergotron is an American company, based in St. Paul Minnesota, that you must have heard about if you read Ergonoma. It designs ergonomic solutions that improve working conditions. It helps people thrive in healthcare, education, contract furniture and general office furnishings. A company (admittedly marketing ergonomic products) caring so much about its customers and its employees is rare enough to be highlighted.

To continue in this dynamic, on November 10th, it announced the appointment of Phil Kellaart. A great expert in optimizing logistics processes. He is hired to develop and optimize business activities. While respecting the core values of the company. Who are employee development and customer satisfaction.

Ergotron, a world leader in office furnishings

“A global company focused on improving the way people work, learn, play and care for others.” This is how Ergotron defines itself. And it is true that it is a company not quite like the others. Because it designs its new products only through the combination of people watching and motion technology. In the spirit of a “kinetic work environments”. The company thus develops tailor-made solutions and designs innovative products for leading global companies and institutions in various sectors.

In nearly four decades, the company has obtained more than 200 patents. All this through brands like WorkFit (One of the best-selling standing desk converters currently available is the WorkFit-T), CareFit or LearnFit. For example, it develops adjustable screen supports or innovative solutions for the medical world. It carries on developing itself further and welcomes Phil Kellaart to a strategic position (created for the occasion). He will therefore be the new Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain Operations.

Phil Kelaart, a choice of experience to optimize operational performance

Phil Kelaart will manage all aspects of Ergotron’s global supply chain. This encompasses manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, facilities. But also quality and continuous improvement, as well as environmental health and safety. Kelaart brings with him three decades of experience, spent mostly at Emerson developing additive manufacturing (3D printing of special parts) in operations and supply chain management. He has been involved in international acquisition integrations or joint ventures. But also plant starts, new product introductions and global supply chain operations.

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“Phil is a global strategic leader who has demonstrated throughout his career his ability to improve operational performance and drive positive business results,” said Chad Severson, Managing Director of Ergotron. “His leadership will help us enhance our business operations while continuing to focus on developing our employees, satisfying our customers and creating increasing value for our property. “

For his part, Phil Kelaart does not hide his enthusiasm to join the famous American brand. “Ergotron has consistently proven itself to be a leading innovator, producing high quality ergonomic products for over 30 years,” says Kelaart. “I look forward to working alongside the talented team at Ergotron to continue to innovate. “

In these uncertain times for office layouts due to the effects of confinement, Ergotron is showing it keeps moving forward. By first recruiting talents, even if it means creating a position so that they can express themselves. A company not quite like the others.