The circular economy is also printed in 3D

Aectual is a platform offering customizable construction and interior products. A platform “made by architects for architects and designers”. One of its subsidiaries, Aectual Studio specializes in 3D printing. Early this month, the Amsterdam-based studio made a sensational sustainability and ecology announcement. The company announced the release of a new range of products made solely through a circular economy approach. Made from a plastic made from plants, the range stands out with its matte ceramic appearance. 3D printing in reused materials. A real giant leap.

Des cloisons de séparation et panneaux de sécurité

This new Aectual Studio range was presented during Dubai Design Week. In the Aectual Dubai Showroom, specially set up for the occasion. The company has designed a selection of 3D printed partition walls and safety panels. To offer an alternative to the plastic walls already present on the market. After prolonged use, the panels can be shredded and reprinted in new objects or furniture. In planters or bookcases …

The very aesthetic rendering of partitions and panels is the result of the fluid and precise movement of 3D printing. The use of materials with a strong tactile feel makes their appearance much more graceful. Aectual Studios introduces a softer and more expressive approach to interior solutions. Partitions can be fully closed for complete privacy or partially open. They can be free-standing, hung like a curtain or mounted as wall panels. Their 3D dimensional structure also has excellent acoustic properties.

A tailor-made design for all

For its founders, each space is different, each user is different and each building is different. Currently, the industry is organized to achieve mass production of standardized products. But with digitization, we can standardize the processes to create in endless and different ways. So it’s not just about personalization to taste; the power of digital production lies in adapting to each size. An improved process can reduce waste generation by almost 100% and speed up installation and assembly of a space by 50%.

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Aectual is a technology company focused on design. It produces the tools allowing architects, builders and developers to bring a customizable and sustainable architecture to their customers. This allows companies to play and explore the possibility of digital production. To work together to explore the possibilities of technology with eg. OMA, WeWork, and NIKE designers.

Products fully integrated into the circular economy

All the products in the range are circular. After use, Aectual takes them back and recycles them into newly printed furniture. Customers thus receive a deposit or a reduction on their new purchase. Which is a strong incentive to stay in this system. In short, a virtuous circle. Aectual has invested heavily in sustainable manufacturing. The company offers solutions modifying desires in space uses by presenting a more flexible and playful approach to interior design.

The circular economy is a rather recent concept, but terribly fashionable. It aims to change the paradigm compared to classical economics. By limiting wasted resources and environmental impact, and increasing efficiency at all stages of product economics. This mode of operation is intended to gradually replace the traditional mode of consumption. As natural resources become depleted.

If you are an avid reader of the Ergonoma site, you have certainly read many innovations in the circular economy. In particular the initiatives of the eco-organization Valdelia, which aim to create a real ecosystem in France. Zero waste for all is coming.