Ergonomic remote working, user manual part 1 – accessories

What if the period we had just lived brought us more freedom? We all have at least one person around us who has spoken about the changes that confinement would bring to our lives. The only one we’ve seen so far is about work. The practice of teleworking, or working from home, has exploded in recent months.

According to France Soir, 8 million of our compatriots have bowed to this new habit. And many seem convinced and want to continue like this at least a few days a week. But teleworking cannot be improvised and preparing a comfortable and ergonomic office is important. Small selection of accessories needed to set up an ergonomic desk.

The ergonomic office chair

We have selected the Intey office chair for you, at a price of 185.99 euros. It is designed to reduce fatigue and protect from the neck to the tailbone through the back. To enable a custom fit, height and armrests are fully adjustable. The mesh backrest, with a height of 73 centimeters, allows optimized back support and lumbar relief (a lumbar support, adjustable in height is also available). The cushion is not extremely flexible, but provides good body support.

According to the company, it is suitable for workers spending at least 7 hours of their day sitting. With a load capacity of 400 kg, it is guaranteed for 2 years by the manufacturer. Proof of its quality, it has passed SGS and BIFMA tests.

The ergonomic office chair: reviews

All the reviews found on the web are generally positive. They are all unanimous in praising its sleek black design, some even speak of perfection for its price range. The materials used are also praised, in particular the polyester mesh of the backrest. Negative point, the rotary forearm supports seem to become a problem in the long run for some users.

The ergonomic mouse

We don’t think about it, but it’s probably the office gesture we do the most during the day: clicking a mouse. Buying an ergonomic model can prevent pain in the hands and forearms. We have selected for you the Trust Verto wired mouse, currently on sale on Amazon (13.99 euros instead of 19.99, the wireless version being marketed at 18.99 euros). Equipped with 4 buttons and an LED, it prevents the onset of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) also called mouse syndrome and epicondylitis, a painful condition affecting the elbow. With its thumb rest (and the 2 buttons available for this finger) and its rubber coating, it limits the pressure exerted by the fingers as much as possible.

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The ergonomic mouse: reviews

The opinions here are generally positive. Most once again emphasize excellent value for money. Users with chronic pain, especially in the carpal tunnel, mostly expressed their satisfaction. Two negative points are however to be noted: some adaptation time seems necessary and this object does not seem at all suitable for small hands, some women mentioning “all female hands” as a whole. The angle and the distance between the buttons are notably pointed out, without a bad pun. In general, a careful reading of the reviews seems advisable before making a purchase.

Even if we often feel more comfortable in teleworking (less stress, a more familiar environment and less interactions with more and more colleagues per square meter) the search for an ergonomic working environment remains just as important. Maintaining your health is also a daily job. And don’t forget that you are at home, so you might as well feel at home …