How Humanscale become a key player, also in working from home furniture segment.

It’s a great story as there have been very few in the world of office supplies in the past year. A story of resilience that would seem straight out of Hollywood studios. The start of the generalization of remote working in March 2020 plunged the office furniture sector into a real nightmare. Sales have started to drop dramatically. Individuals moving to their homes urgently did not have the means of a businesses to equip themselves with professional furniture worthy of the name.

A cataclysm that affects the sector and endangers even the best established companies. Iconic companies like American Humanscale. Before the crisis, the company was seen as one of the world leaders in ergonomic office furniture for business.

To bounce back, Leena James, Marketing Manager, has taken a crazy gamble. To create a whole new range of work from home in 2 weeks. 15 days to train the sales team on the new offer, update all marketing materials and alert customers and prospects of the new offer.

Since then, this activity has gained 300% of the market share! In addition, the process has been extended to retail direct-to-consumer activities. Spotlight on this Made in USA success story, notably carried out with the help of digital asset management software (DAM).

The key: Digital Asset Management (DAM)

For Leena James, the secret lies in using good digital asset management software. In this case Bynder. Software that was already a key part of Humanscale’s asset creation and distribution process.

The latter will have allowed 2 exploits. Assure Humanscale that the company has the latest marketing materials and centralize it for everyone. Literal expression for a multinational / global company.

Salespeople in Sydney and Beijing must have access to the same sales catalog at the same time.

Deploying a catalog in 2 weeks is easy

For Leena James, the presence of a common and easily accessible database really clicked.

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«Team members didn’t have to worry about a file being old or out of date or checking with someone that it could be used. This not only made us more efficient, but also allowed us to share more of the great strengths we were creating. Before implementing DAM, I found out that we had all of these assets that people weren’t using because they didn’t know how to access them. »

The implementation of the new offer then took place in 3 stages, like a waltz. The ideal range for working at home was first implemented from the existing Humanscale catalog.

Then the marketing teams set about creating a common catalog accessible to all.

The third step was to train sales teams around the world on the new offer. This was made possible thanks to the many videoconferencing tools.

Tools like Livestorm or Microsoft Teams that remote working has brought to the fore. And who have shown that technically, giving training to teams scattered around the globe poses absolutely no problem.

This process implemented by the Marketing team not only created a 300% growth of a department created in 2 weeks. But it has since been used for the logistics of other product families. Even if it is sometimes criticized, digitization can still create miracles.

Source: Clickz