Schneider Electric acquisitions for more sustainable development

Schneider Electric is a flagship of French industry. It is an industrial group with an international dimension, which manufactures and offers electricity management products, automation and solutions for all kinds of business. In recent years, the group has invested heavily in sustainable development. At the point of entering the ASPI Eurozone index (Advanced Sustainable Performance Indices). An index calculating the performance of companies in terms of sustainable development. On November 19, 2020, she announced a further step in this direction.

By formalizing the acquisition of a stake in 2 companies. In order to develop solutions for buildings with them. Planon Beheer BV to help digitally transform buildings into the healthier and more sustainable workplaces of the future. And ETAP accelerate their smart and green electrification. Zoom on how the French giant wants to become a green giant.

Schneider Electric invests in Planon Beheer BV to digitally transform buildings into healthier and more sustainable workplaces …

Schneider Electric and Planon will work together to provide a suite of software and services to further digitize the building lifecycle for existing and new buildings. This will help improve the sustainability of buildings, operational efficiency and the well-being of customers. Planon’s portfolio of workplace management, maintenance and operations solutions are based on real-time analytics. These analyzes improve efficiency, increase the productivity of building operators and improve the work experience of users.

The joint offer of the 2 companies aims to create smarter workplaces. To help building owners and facility managers:

  • Mitigate the risk of occupant complaints by proactively addressing potential issues
  • Optimize space management at company and corporate portfolio level to meet standards
  • Improve health and safety and increase occupant comfort and well-being by monitoring air quality and temperature
  • Improve occupant satisfaction, process optimization, sustainability and overall profitability

… And in ETAP to accelerate smart and green electrification

ETAP markets a software platform optimizing the electrical supply systems of buildings. This platform will be integrated with that of Schneider Electric. To design and operate power systems using modeling, design, real-time predictive simulation and operations solutions based on vendor-independent software. This will optimize the efficiency, sustainability and resilience of the electricity and the grid.

The new joint offer of the 2 companies will in the near future allow:

  • Maximize the power system production process
  • Better protect operational personnel and equipment against arcs, power surges and overheating
  • Help improve system availability and anticipate outages
  • Improve real-time knowledge of new energy resources, including solar photovoltaic energy, fuel cells and battery storage
  • Better optimize operational performance thanks to preventive and predictive maintenance

These 2 acquisitions clearly show Schneider Electric’s desire for development. The French company wants to optimize the electricity consumption of buildings. For this, it relies on the complete digitalization of its processes. Acquisitions are carried out to acquire the missing know-how. The goal ? Achieve exemplarity in terms of sustainable development. France is indeed a driving force behind the energy transition, let’s face it!

source BusinessInsider