Gradually developing in companies, the latest advances in exoskeletons

Little by little, exoskeletons are establishing themselves in the professional landscape. As a reminder, these are devices, motorized or not, attached to one or more limbs of the body to increase its capacities. They are mainly used to relieve people with reduced mobility and workers performing physical tasks. Essentially recurring efforts. And which can cause musculoskeletal disorders, sources of suffering, absenteeism and reduced productivity for the company. This is good, after years of tuning, the solution is taking hold in companies and even seems to be set to boom in the coming years.

At the same time, the Guardian XO, the latest motorized model from Sarcos Robotics, has just been selected by the prestigious Time in the 100 best inventions of the year. Giving its user the appearance of Robocop, it symbolizes the advances of the sector at all levels. An overview of this exoskeleton boom.

Exoskeletons are taking hold in businesses

More and more companies are adopting exoskeletons. They are making a breakthrough, especially in the construction sector. One of the first to collectively realize the need to fully integrate them into HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) policies. Studies by INRS (French National Institute for Research and Safety) provide irrefutable proof that exoskeletons reduce muscle strain, whether they have a motor or not. To help policy makers in this area, the institute has published fact sheets. Because its use modifies the movements and can thus generate other risks. “You must first take all possible preventive measures before resorting to an exoskeleton,” recalls Jean-Jacques Atain Kouadio, expert within the organization.

This lengthy and detailed installation process can prove to be beneficial to the business. Because it involves consultation and therefore teamwork. Which will allow the latter to analyze and better understand the work of the performers. “To determine whether an exoskeleton can be useful, a company must already be able to understand what the use of this type of technology means for its people. »Adds Jean-Jacques Atain Kouadio. Companies that would do well to look into the matter, given the number of innovations flooding the market. The latest? The Guardian XO of the American company Sarcos. Futuristic and motorized, it is one of the best inventions of the year.

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Guardian XO exoskeleton selected as one of the top 100 inventions of 2020

The Guardian XO exoskeleton was selected by the prestigious Time magazine in the top 100 inventions of 2020. In the Productivity category. Imposing, futuristic and motorized, it is designed to considerably increase the strength and endurance of the wearer. While eliminating tension and fatigue from the body. In development for over 20 years, it can lift up to 90 kilos in extended work sessions. It is applicable to a myriad of industries, such as aviation, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, oil and gas, construction, defense and others. “We are delighted and honored to be recognized once again by TIME in their prestigious annual list of best inventions,” said Ben Wolff, CEO of Sarcos Robotics.

Global leader Sarcos Robotics sees its most advanced model in one of the world’s most prestigious invention charts. At the same time, exoskeletons are appearing more and more in companies, especially in the construction sector. With the first adjustments completed and the support of the authorities obtained, there is no longer any obstacle to its development. 2020 decade of the exoskeleton in business? Nothing is less sure.