Monforte soundproof partition by Raffaella Mangiarotti

Raffaella Mangiarotti, do you know her ? She is a renowned furniture designer. After studying architecture, this Milanese opened her design studio in the 90s. She was able to collaborate with brands such as Barilla, Coca Cola, Coop and Daimler Chrysler. This has earned her more than 5 awards from her peers in various ceremonies. From her studio, located in the city of Milan, she wows the whole world with creations of high-end designer products.

The latest jewel to date? Monforte acoustic panels / room dividers. A product which is also a real decorative piece. A decorative piece that was produced for the IOC Project company, also located in Dante’s country. A little wonder that absorbs noise, furnishes the interior and decorates it. Zoom on the Monforte acoustic panel, a pure product from Italy that reminds us that when it comes to design, it is still very often the leader.

An acoustic panel that decorates

“When designing this product, I dreamed of a flexible sound-absorbing screen that could intelligently and fluidly shape the space,” says Raffaella Mangiarotti. Monforte is a sculptural, undulating room divider. It is in fact made up of fabric tubes which are linked together by a chain at the bottom. And that’s where much of the genius of this creation lies. The tubes can be separated and rearranged in any position. In short, we are dealing with sound absorbing tubes that can be moved according to the needs of the room. This de facto makes this product a significant decorative asset.

Its beige color, both sober and elegant, fits easily into most interiors. Last information, Monforte was designed as a product for professional use. Indeed, Raffaella Mangiarotti recalls that its primary function is to regulate ambient noise. We can therefore easily imagine that the product will appeal to professionals seeking to operate in high-end premises. Like lawyers, psychiatrists or even … designers who are keen to show their future clients that they have good taste. The Monforte is beautiful but also has interesting technical characteristics.

A premium product

The self-supporting and mobile wall is available in different lengths, which range from 120 to 190 centimeters. It is therefore composed of tubes. These are wrapped in soundproofing fabrics manufactured by the Kvadrat company. The Italian designer called on the Danish company, which is very well known in the world of high-end furniture. It produces a unique textile that is particularly popular with architects and designers. Moreover, it is the fabrics and the shape of the tubes that are the main regulators of noise. As for the maneuverability of the tubes, the designer assures us that it is almost total. They can be separated and rearranged in seconds. In order to be able to adapt to the room. “Something that you can easily change depending on the activity you are doing, but also something that has a nice texture and a nice rhythm,” concludes Raffaella Mangiarotti.

The more informed will be able to admire a magnificent showroom page in the famous Deezen magazine. As with most items at this level, no price order is available on the web. We imagine that it is not within the reach of all budgets. But don’t let that stop the best designers from regaling us with magnificent creations.