Sparta, high-end acoustic panels by Artnovion

Artnovion is a well-known brand in the world of acoustics. Made in Portugal, its panel solutions have become famous not least because they have become the darling of recording studios. Places where acoustics are the business of real professionals. Connoisseurs believe it is the most aesthetic brand. Focus on one range in particular, the Sparta. The manufacturer has just announced the availability in Australia, to the delight of fans. It will be distributed by the company Cogworks. Overview.

A brand of high quality sound insulation

Artnovion products are often the first choice of interior designers and creators of film sets. Notably thanks to their design and performance. Artnovion has also been chosen for numerous TV shows. Its new Sparta range has been designed for use by the general public, in particular for fitting out cinemas.

Its design remains relatively classic. Acoustic panels are available in suede fabric or tightly woven fabric. Available in a range of colors in a suede or tight fabric finish, the panels – measuring 1190mm x 60mm x 595mm – are capable of absorbing sound in a range from 350Hz to 8000Hz. acoustic improvements. Including better speech intelligibility, noise control and reduction of excessive reverberations.

Easy installation and additional options

In the event that speakers are installed in the walls, the Sparta Fabric Weave option is available. It’s a kind of smart cover made from an acoustically transparent material. It allows designers to hide the wall speakers. While providing efficient absorption that does not interfere with the performance of the speaker.

Installation is also relatively easy. The acoustic panels are sold with a simple integrated mounting system. Sound insulators can also be rotated 90 degrees. A template is provided for easy installation.

Tomorrow, acoustic panels for everyone?

The Sparta range is sold in boxes of 4 Sparta Suede finishing pieces. Its price, difficult to find, oscillates between 500 and 800 euros. Home Cinema packages are also available. It should be noted that the market for acoustic panels is expanding. Products initially designed for sound professionals (music and cinema) are increasingly in demand for more general public use. Indeed, in a world where more and more workers are crammed into increasingly small places, the fight against noise pollution has become a real issue. INRS regularly warns (French National Institute for Research and Security) about the health consequences of these auditory disturbances. Which can range from increased stress to deafness to cardiovascular problems. Disorders of which, each year, a little more French complain (the most frequent ailments reported being tinnitus and increased stress). For example, we find acoustic panels in many hospitals.

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While acoustic and soundproofing panels can contribute to well-being, with the Sparta range by Artnovion, they also provide a real plus in terms of design. What the majority of customers praised, in addition to its high level performance. Reviews found on the web mostly come from the United States. Can we dream of a world where high-level acoustic panels will be accessible to everyone? Where will all the closed rooms be fitted with acoustic panels? Time will tell.