Safety innovation: The LG Puricare air-purifying mask

Since deconfinement, masks have been everywhere. While the French government has made them compulsory in businesses from September 1st, they exasperate as much as they scare. While some are still reluctant to put them on, others wonder about the effectiveness of some of the protections. Like homemade masks or those worn for too long (estimated protection time is 8 hours). Now is the time chosen by LG Puricare, the Korean giant’s range, to launch a new product.

A new air purifier, the PuriCare. On the sidelines of the famous IFA fair, the famous Korean brand announced the marketing of a portable and connected personal air purifier. Who is worn like a mask. If the system seems sophisticated, its marketing is controversial. Quick overview of this little novelty and its functionalities.

Two filters and connected

LG Puricare took inspiration from home air purifiers to design this new invention. The manufacturer has equipped his mask with two HEPA H13 filters. This gives the user a “360 degree feeling of clean air”. Via a notification from the LG ThinQ app on the smartphone, you will know when to replace them. The manufacturer has combined them with battery ventilators to facilitate breathing. Big innovation: the device has sensors that detect when you inhale or exhale and adjust the fan speed accordingly. The air purifier has an 820 mAh battery which provides 8 hours of battery life in low power mode. But only 2 hours at maximum power. It will therefore be necessary to pass several times a day through the recharge station.

Fight against Covid: a false good idea

This is the big doubt that hangs around this air purifier. Can it help fight COVID? Although the company has not communicated on the link between this innovation and the virus, it seems obvious that the product is being touted as a response to the pandemic. First, the company announces that the air purifier is doomed to replace “inconsistent masks”, without further clarification. It also announced the donation of 2,000 of the devices to Seoul University Hospital, one of the world’s most heavily-used medical centers in the fight against the pandemic. Doubt is allowed.

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An air purifier that is … an air purifier

Nothing can prove any use of Puricare in the fight against the virus. In its defense, the Korean brand can invoke the great practice of antipollution masks / air purifiers in North Asia to justify these announcements.

When you dig a little deeper into the characteristics of the product, there are 2 things the LG Puricare protects against effectively:

  • The effects of pollution
  • Pollens, causing allergies in some people

In short, a classic air purifier. No more no less. Even if communication seems mercenary and a little risky, do not forget the growing use of air purifiers. The pollution in which we evolve a little more every day not only threatens our skin, but can also create serious respiratory problems. Always think about safety. The world of tomorrow: A world of personal air purifier? The manufacturers seem ready anyway.