Exterior view, without a window

Chronobiology (the study of biological rhythms in the body) allows us to understand how almost all the functions of the body are subject to the circadian rhythm. That is, a 24 hour cycle. The disturbances of this rhythm, can have consequences as well on the sleep as on the metabolism or the immune system.

Thanks to the circadian clock, you are most prompt from mid-morning until late afternoon. Memory consolidates during nighttime sleep. This rhythm is endogenous, it is generated by the body itself. This is an internal clock in the heart of the brain, dictating the rhythm to the body. All species have their own clock. In humans, this clock is located in the hypothalamus. It is made up of two suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) each containing thousands of neurons. These neurons are active for a cycle of about 24 hours. These nuclei then regulate various body functions such as sleep or body temperature.

This internal clock has its own rhythm. People subjected to very little, or no light for several days, made it possible to show that the cycle imposed by the internal clock lasts spontaneously between 23 h 30 and 24 h 30. If the clock alone controlled the biological rhythm, the human would therefore shift his pattern every day. Everyone would end up sleeping at a different time of the day or night. Incompatible with life in our modern societies. The clock must therefore be resynchronized to match the 24 hour cycle by external factors.

Light, the most powerful agent

Light is captured in the retina by a group of cells that are particularly sensitive to blue. So it is exposure to light or darkness that keeps the body clock in sync with the 24 hour day. The effect of lighting depends on the time of day. Late exposure (between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m.) delays the clock. Early exposure (between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m.) in advance. The effect also depends on the intensity and spectrum (its color) of the light. It will be more important if it is rich in blue wavelengths.

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