Roger voice Paris, in full growth, equips itself in phonebooth island

Olivier Jeannel, entrepreneur, born in Los Angeles in the United States, becomes deaf-profound at 2 years old. When he arrives in France to continue his studies at Sciences Po, he is confronted with the lack of accessibility for the hearing impaired. He realized with the release of Siri in 2011 that if the phone conversation was captioned in real time, thanks to voice recognition then he could make phone calls like everyone else. This is where Rogervoice was born. The goal ? Break the barrier of everyday deafness.

Mr. Jeannel, why did you choose to install acoustic booths?

“In times of strong growth, we changed offices several times. We made the same observation each time when we moved into our new open space. The lack of a meeting room was significant. So by installing an Island phonebooth we solved the problem. Our meeting rooms are often used by a single person. The phonebooth Island offers a dedicated space for our employees to make a phone call or to concentrate. Usually for calls of around 30 minutes or for longer work sessions that require concentration. Personally, I use it when I need to do groundwork undisturbed. When someone uses one of the installed phone booths, other coworkers know they can’t disturb them. It’s like a mini meeting room for one person.”

Why a phonebooth Island?

“The transparency of the offer seduced us, we searched for a long time for a product with a good price / quality ratio and the phonebooth lsland was the only one that met our criteria of price, mobility and ease of installation. “

4 adjectives to describe the phonebooth Island:

  • Soundproof: 37 decibels of acoustic reduction offering perfect confidentiality (Insulation made from recycled materials);
  • Ventilated: two ultra-quiet fans for cool work;
  • Comfortable: a folding seat with two positions, raised for a call of a few minutes or lowered for a longer work session;
  • Mobile: assembly and disassembly in 30 minutes with 2 people and a single tool.