Blue light, our new enemy

Blue light is the hot new worry. But what is it ? Part of the spectrum of light, whose wavelengths are between 380 and 500 nanometers. It can be emitted by the sun, but also and above all by artificial light sources, such as LED bulbs (which are increasingly replacing conventional bulbs in our surroundings) and screens (tablets, televisions, computers, smartphones). With our way of life where the time spent in front of the screens continues to increase, concern grows.

The concerns on its dangerousness abound. To see more clearly, let’s try to answer 2 specific questions. What are the dangers of blue light and what are the ways to avoid it?

Blue light, why is it dangerous

It was in 2010 that ANSES, the French health agency, alerted for the first time to the dangers of blue light. The following studies will confirm its dangers to eyesight. Exposure to this light reduces visual acuity in the short term and increases the risk of AMD (age-related macular degeneration) over the long term. Problem for the eyes, but also the biological rhythm, especially with exposure in the evening. Basically, if you spend your evening in front of the screens, your sleep is affected. Which obviously increases fatigue. Doctors are also warning about the effects of our lifestyle, and our days spent late at night in front of the screens. Blue light threatens us all. What are the solutions ?

Solutions exist

Yes, it is possible to reduce the harmful effects of blue light. Firstly, by our behavior, by avoiding screens after a certain time of day and by favoring natural light as much as possible (staying away from LED bulbs in all cases).

Protective glasses

Technical solutions also exist. Like screen protection glasses that filter out the damaging effects of blue light. They take the form of classic glasses equipped with filters. On Amazon, their prices vary from 25 euros for the entry level to 35 euros for the most advanced, recommended for gamers, those tournament video game players who can spend more than 10 hours a day in front of the screens.

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Screen filters

It is the other major family of protection against blue light. They are developed for computers and smartphones. There are 2 main features for this item. Anti-blue light but also a guarantee of confidentiality. A great challenge for companies on time or teleworking and a request for compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) create real headaches for managers. So it was the need of businesses that first boosted the market, before the demand for blue light protection arose. The proof: most models available on Amazon guarantee both protections. The entry-level models from 22 euros to 64 for larger screen protectors. All in all, the prices are homogeneous, taking into account the diversity of the protections to be provided.

Whether you opt for glasses or a screen filter, shielding your eyes from blue light is not overwhelming for most budgets. Our changes in lifestyles also indicate to us that we must remain vigilant of the new inherent dangers that emerge. Our good health is more than ever in danger!