JJL to support the implementation of hybrid work in companies

Since March 2020, the expression “work from home” has appeared on the front page of the news. For many of us, this expression has even been an enrichment to our vocabulary. Recently, other new words have even appeared. New concepts that testify to a revolution in the way we work. New concepts like hybrid work. Hybrid gives employees more flexibility: part of the week at home and the other at the office. A formula that seems ideal on paper.  In fact, a U.S. study reveals that 40% of U.S. employees want to keep on with this formula.

But, in practice, it is a real logistical headache for those who organize it. Team cohesion, management… there are many questions on the table. To help companies with hybrid work deployment, the JJL company just announced the launch of the offer Experience – Anywhere. A global support network that seamlessly connects and optimizes employee’s welfare.  No matter where they are. Home, or office, or else…  

JLL is an American company specialized in corporate real estate consulting and real estate investment management. Based in Chicago, it’s a heavyweight that weighs $18 billion. A quick look at this tool aims to reduce a logistic burden that was going to overwhelm human resources executives.

An offer based on 2 main pillars

Experience –  Anywhere aims to help companies in the implementation of hybrid work. The offer is based on two main elements:  

The program management group. It assists the operational deployment. Mainly by reducing overall costs, employer risks and by accompanying employees. It also drives provisioning policies and ensures a seamless transition for employees towards this work model. Contract management with third parties, integration services and financial management are also provided.

A « Hub » that offers employees wellness resources and practical amenities. Conveniences such as the ability to purchase furniture to accommodate your office at home. How can it be possible? By using a digital portal and a « marketplace ».

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Employees can also benefit from an ergonomic evaluation and guided training to improve their overall well-being.

Finally, the program improves global communication between employees. A notion, which, according to the first studies on remote work is getting more and more crucial. The increase in distance must be compensated by an increase in interactions.

To achieve this purpose, JJL intends to rely on technology. The American company seems to be heavily betting on the development of hybrid work. Because its development seems inevitable.

Hybrid work, tomorrow’s number one solution?

« The hybrid model is more than just a flexible workprogram. We believe it is  intended to have a sustainable presence in the future of work » says Cynthia Kantor, product manager of the American brand.

She reveals that 40% of her compatriots have already decided to adopt this mode of operation for the near future. And for JJL representatives, the  Experience  –  Anywhere offer has everything to establish itself as the number one in the industry for a long time.

First, it can be integrated into the hybrid workstation offers ecosystem. In addition, « the Hub eliminates many of the problems employees experience when working remotely. Problems such as equipment, connectivity and well-being in general » says Julie Wilkinson, JJL’s World Product Manager.

Technology to help setting up hybrid work, reducing costs and optimizing communication on one hand. A “hub” that allows workers to equip themselves with ergonomic furniture and improve their well-being in general.

At the cutting edge and daring at the same time,  Experience  –  Anywhere  has everything to stay on the top. JJL seems to be well equipped to rule the nascent but promising world of hybrid work. When the $18 billion ogre companies arrive, they act seriously.