France and the quality of life at work

Even if we tend to forget about it, the quality of life at work in France is one of the most advanced in the world. At least, this is what HRmaps wanted to verify, by commissioning a study that gives employees the chance to voice their opinions. A study which first recalls issues related to a good quality of life at work (QWL in the article) and then asks the main stakeholders, employees, for their concerns. Overview.

The challenges of well-being at work

The stakes are quite paramount. It’s simple, being happy at work makes 31% more productive (the employee does a third of the work more). With a good QWL, the average employee is half as sick and six times less absent. Finally, the study shows that an employee will be more loyal to the company and more creative. In a delicate period where the mobilization of employees is essential, many experts are asking for a revival by the QWL.
QWL, with which most of the employees still claim to be satisfied.

Employees and well-being at work

When asked about the quality of life at work, employees show that they feel good. 73% say they are satisfied. The figure is quite similar regarding the pride of working in their company. A very French specificity: the corporate culture and the teamwork that creates strong links. Our compatriots are happy to go to work to “represent their colors”. Finally, 71% of respondents say they are happy when they leave their home in the morning to go to their office.

The latter also testify to the role that their companies play in these good figures. If they are aware that 85% QWL influences productivity, 56% (in a country that has a slight tendency to moan, it’s not so bad) recognize that their business has taken action in this meaning.

Positive effects

All these efforts combined have 2 major positive effects according to the respondents. First, they feel more competent in their jobs. 82% think they have mastered their position and 78 say they have a clear vision of their role in the company. Finally, 65% say they want to develop their skills and plan to rely on the company for this. Proof of confidence in the institution but also in their colleagues. As mentioned above, the responses reflect a strong overall team spirit. 87% of respondents say they are well integrated into their business. 81% feel comfortable in their team. This contributes to their morning enthusiasm when it comes to commuting to their workplace.

Risks associated with new working methods

This is also evident from this study. More than a third of employees report having difficulty separating their work and private life. More than half have already checked emails outside office hours. 70% feel psychologically exhausted by their workload. This explains the multiplication of burnouts, this psychological exhaustion linked to his professional activity. Risks on which the 2 major organizations specializing in well-being at work in France are working: social and economic committees and social workers.

French happy at work and saying so, 1 in 2 to practice a regular physical activity, to keep morale high. An investigation that breaks certain clichés

source: ParlonRH