Acoustic cabins: model selection and analysis

The situation we have just experienced has clearly raised questions about our relationship to work. A trend up sharply in recent years, open workspaces, do not seem to suit the new requirements on hygiene. More and more nuisance created by these open spaces are also singled out as the noise disturbance for example. Business leaders are forced to adapt, and many solutions are available to them on the market.

Among them, the acoustic cabin is on the rise. Even if many variations exist, 2 types of model seem to stand out from the crowd: the phone box (individual booth so called because it derives from the format of the phone booths of yesteryear) and the meeting box. The latter, as its name suggests, is designed to accommodate more people for longer. Today, let’s take a look a the Microoffice Quadrio I, marketed in meeting room format by the Czech brand Silent Lab. And the Ecell, an individual model imagined by the Scandinavians of Borg.

The Microoffice Quadrio I: an acoustic booth for meetings

The Microoffice Quadrio is a meeting room that can accommodate up to 4 people (not to be confused with its big sister, the “premium” Quadrio, whose capacity is twice as large). Or less, because its main characteristic is that it is adaptable to the point of being able to be configured according to the user need . Equipped with electrical, USB and LAN sockets, it announces a unique ventilation system. Which would be 50% more efficient than those of the competition. Made to host meetings, it is equipped with many systems to maintain a certain hygiene. And post-COVID time requires, the Czech manufacturer decided to strike hard. The “system neutralizes a wide range of harmful microorganisms, eliminates odors, cleans dust and other contaminants from the air.” The dimensions are 2285 in height, 2520 in length and 1320 in depth. Elegance characterizes the cabin. This is the case with the entire Silent Lab range, a company solely specialized in the manufacture of clearly high-end cabins. Is that why no price can be found on the Internet?

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The Ecell, more than an individual acoustic cabin

A single cabin is normally only designed to accommodate a worker for a few minutes. The Ecell allows a longer stay (it even promises that the worker can spend his whole days there). A device to ensure the circulation of fresh air and LED lamps (better for the sight) are activated by a motion sensor, which limits energy consumption. The cabin also has integrated electrical connections that can supply a continuous computer. The dimensions ? 2.20 meters high, 1.10 meters wide and 1 meter deep. Which can be a bit tight for some. When you discover the object, you are struck by its elegance and ergonomics. This explains its advertised price of 7,800 euros (not very visible on the web). A high-end investment therefore.

The test of these 2 iconic models should not hide a reality. The market for acoustic booths is literally booming. And with new awareness, the movement does not look set to end. This does not prevent manufacturers from not making a big deal out of elegance and ergonomics, for our greatest pleasure.