All teleworking! 5 essential tips for an ideal environment

Telecommuting is a new habit that must have been picked up by people all over the world since March and apparently some liked it. Home Office, a new trend? This is certainly what seems to demonstrate the many job offers displaying this mode of operation to future employees. But working from home also means radically changing the work environment. And therefore reinventing one entirely at home, a place we know so well but which is often designed to forget about work. It is therefore advisable to feel at ease. So how do you reproduce the ergonomics of professional workstations? Especially when the concentration exercise may face lack of motivation. Here are some tips from Kleopatra Kivrakidou, Distribution Network Marketing Manager at Ergotron.

Adjust your monitor

The greatest potential source of fatigue if improperly adjusted. Its ideal height should be at eye level or slightly below. It must be at least 50 cm from the eyes, or about an arm’s length. If the screen is larger, feel free to increase the distance. Adjusting the screen helps control glare, which can damage eyesight over time. Finally, remember to tilt the monitor 10 or 20 ° to maintain the distance between your eyes and the monitor.

Choose a comfortable armchair

Positioning the monitor in an ideal position will not help you if you are not seated comfortably. Your chair must therefore be. Comfortable and adjustable, so you can adjust it when you change position. Make sure your feet are always flat on the floor. It is also preferable that the backrest is also reclining and includes good quality lumbar support.

Keyboards are also important

Keyboards and mice are the main causes of musculoskeletal disorders. They must also be placed with care. Ideally at elbows height the keyboard is tilted by 10 ° so wrists can remain straight. Which decreases muscle fatigue.

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Think about moving

These are the main risks of remote working: impasto and lack of exercise. Good physical shape is often the guarantee of a higher ability to concentrate. In addition to regular activity, try to get up to move around at least every 30 minutes. If you are not a great athlete, why not opt for a standing desk? It encourages you to move more at your workstation. Most are height adjustable and can move up and down when you move from a seated position to a standing position and then sit back down again.

Check for sufficient lighting

Last but not least, make sure there are plenty of light sources around your desk. Shortage of luminosity can create eye fatigue, causing lack of concentration. If natural light remains optimal, an artificial light source supplemented with a desk lamp that can be turned on and off manually can also keep your eyes healthy. Do you feel that your eyes are starting to tire after maintaining an intense focus for long periods of time? For optimal rest, occasionally stare at an object 6 meters away. Let’s not forget that we are certainly talking about the body most often used organs whilst telecommuting, so we need to be vigilant and careful with them.

5 Tips which are all in all fairly simple but which will allow teleworkers to quickly gain in comfort and productivity. Want to go further? So find the complete study in issue 60 of Ergonoma magazine.