The BenQ Screenbar and BenQ Screenbar Plus, ergonomic desk lamps

The importance of lighting in the workplace grows along with the vision problems it generates. Unfortunate fact but part of human nature. Ergonomic lamps are flourishing more and more on the market, to the delight of furniture and gear enthusiasts. Today the Screenbar and Screenbar Plus desk lamps have gone on the grill. Sold at the prices of 99 and 129 euros respectively (the Plus version is sold with a remote control), they surprise first of all with their design and their adaptability. In an increasingly competitive ergonomic desk lamp market, you have to know how to stand out. And that’s not all. Let’s see:

High-end desk lamps

BenQ (acronym for Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to life) is a Taiwanese company specializing in the production and marketing of electronic products such as computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, monitors, video projectors, etc.), mobile devices (, MP3 players , digital cameras) and laptops. Ergonomic lamps are also part of the range. In this case the BenQ Screenbar and BenQ Screenbar Plus. These lamps ensure optimized light with its built-in ambient light sensors. The color temperature is adjustable.

The CRI (color rendering index) is greater than 95. They concentrate the light on the desktop, eliminating glare on the screen. Their biggest comparative advantage? The patented clip (present on both models) attaches instantly to monitors. This ensures no compression is exerted on the structure of the screen. As mentioned above, the BenQ Screenbar Plus is sold for an extra 30 euros, because it is equipped with a remote control. Final details: the lighting is 100 lux in the center. The dimensions are 45cm x 9.0cm x 9.2cm. The energy consumption is announced at 5 watts maximum and the lifespan of LED screens at 50,000 hours, enough to finish many projects comfortably.

Unanimous opinions

Despite its small size, the ScreenBar Plus offers really powerful lighting without flickering. Its extremely stable mounting system allows for a minimal footprint and its design allows the desk to be illuminated without any reflection on the screen. All punctuated by a score of 18/20. When browsing reviews, there are criticisms of the price, some people consider it to be excessive and USB cables considered a bit short.

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Gamers, those video game players who can spend hours in front of screens are obviously sensitive and demanding in for this type of ergonomics material. The feedbacks are also excellent: the absence of reflection on the screen (a gaming session can easily be lost otherwise…) and the automatic brightness function are the winning points but also, especially the absence of blue light. The latter being particularly harmful for the sight.

With this warm welcome from the critics, fans of the Taiwanese brand are eagerly awaiting future products. In the meantime, they can discover or rediscover the range of ergonomic lighting. All the models seem to respect a leitmotif specific to Asian society: Combining elegant design with high-end quality and adaptability. In short, design and ergonomics. To our greatest delight.