Looking for Distributors – Ergosanté

Exoskeleton HAPO: Looking For Distributors And Partners Outside France. Ergosanté Technologie designs and manufactures exoskeletons for different markets and uses, including the industrial sector. The result of close collaboration with the SNCF, a first exoskeleton, the ShivaExo, almost unique in its functional coverage, was a first response to this market.

Strong of this expertise, we have just launched a posture harness with an unequaled efficiency/cost ratio. This new posture harness is dedicated to relieving back strain and maintaining a good posture in total bending or standing in simple trunk bending. Its innovative design based on composite fibers makes the HAPO easy to use, as it can be fitted like a backpack very quickly. Light and discreet, it weighs barely more than 1 kg, the user retains great freedom of movement, such as sitting down, going up or downstairs. Efficient with an assistance power of 14 Kg. It is also innovative on the economic aspect with a price of 990 € HT.

The HAPO is intended for all industries in which workstations with postures that are painful for the back. This market is growing rapidly worldwide, which is why we are looking for partners to accompany us in this international development.

Write to us at sales-exo@ergosante.fr to know the modalities