Hapo: helps to maintain or regain freedom of movement.

Some call it the plague of the century, low back pain affects 4 out of 5 people and also finds its source among the arduous positions within a company: Manual, repetitive handling, carrying heavy loads, awkward postures under stress, physical hard work …

The HAPO is the result of expertise from the design office of Ergosanté
Beyond the financial aspect, the consequences are numerous for companies: absenteeism, disorganization and above all the loss of expertise leaving the company …

Research for quality of life.

Technologie already at the origin of the multifunctional exoskeleton ShivaExo developed in collaboration with the SNCF. This new posture harness is dedicated to back relief while maintaining good posture in full or simple flexion of the trunk. So, whatever the posture, HAPO reduces lumbar efforts and preserves the intervertebral discs. Innovative, it partially defers the efforts from the top of the trunk in pectoral support towards the thighs using springs.

The belt allows, a support without contention of the lumbar. Its innovative fiberglass design, allows HAPO to be easy to use. It can be equipped like a backpack very quickly. Light and discreet, it weighs just over a kilogram.

Its activation / deactivation mechanism allows great freedom of movement, such as sitting, climbing or descending stairs. Efficient with an assistance power of 14 Kg, it is currently the best cost / efficiency ratio in its category.
It is also innovative on the economic aspect since it is sold at a price of 990€.

Helps people during strenuous activities.

The German OTTOBOCK, world leader in Exoskeletons, benefits from the power of Ergosanté distribution network (12 offices in France). It has entrusted the French distribution of its entire PAEXO range to Ergosanté.
As a result, ergonomic solution consultant teams have now the widest range of exoskeletons and postural assistants to date in Europe.
They can count on a multidisciplinary team of nurses, biomechanics, ergonomists and engineers to assist them in the design of ergonomic solutions for all sectors of the economy.
The fight against MSDs is finally entering a new era with Ergosanté.

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