Health, through ergonomic design

Please take time to experience the saddles if you find no other chair to help you relieve pain of sitting with Kanewell (Taiwan). It is estimated that over a half of the adult population suffers from periodic or chronic disorders of the genital organs.

Many working-age men have some kind of erectile dysfunction. Many women suffer from frequent genito-urinary infections. Recent studies indicate that sedentary for a long time can worsen these problems. It increases temperatures and humidity in the pelvic region restricting blood flow to the pelvic area.

When a person sits, there are pressures on both bones and flesh.

The bone points are your sit bones protrusions off the base of your pelvis. The fleshy parts include your buttocks and thighs and the soft tissue between your legs. The soft tissue between your legs is where all the blood vessels, lymph and nerves that supply your genitalia – male or female – are routed. Pressure here can constrict blood vessels or deaden nerves.

It should be no surprise that health problems in the pelvic organs have increased simultaneously with the amount of sedentary work in modern world. Designing a healthy seat for men is more difficult than designing a seat for women.

Men’s sitting is impaired

The male pubic bone is almost twice the length of its female counterpart. Men have a tendency to sit with their pelvis tilted backwards. This unconscious habit relieves pressure on the root of the penis. With the hip tilted backwards and the back rounded, sitting is advantageous to the genital organs but very harmful to the disks in the low back region. The more a man leans forward, the worse the effects on his plumbing.

Use the split saddle seat a little more each day, and gradually your hips will stretch out and feel better.

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