Autonomous industrial sanitizer robots “made in France”

The first copies of Chinese sanitizer robots to help fight the Coronavirus have arrived in Chinese hospitals. Could the global health crisis allow China to become the leading economic and technological power sooner than expected? This is without taking into account the French reactivity, which already has proven technology in this area.

A great response from efficient technology: industrial equipment manufacturer from Alsace, Norcan associated with Nantes SME Devea, adapt the Sherpa by Norcan collaborative robot to mobile and autonomous disinfection. Already on the market, Norcan offers a range of robots for disinfecting workshops, changing rooms and offices.

No residue, no toxicity.

Reassure your employees, by securing work environments. A certified process that helps control environmental hygiene. SHERPA® robots get as close as possible to the areas to be disinfected, autonomously at controlled speed, in remote operation. The Phileas® by DEVEA air surface disinfection device (DSVA) uses centrifugation technology to spray perfectly calibrated (5 to 10µ) disinfectant micro-droplets. The dry mist generated this way is reaches all surfaces, even those inaccessible to ensure optimal decontamination.

Its virucidal process is NFT 72-281 certified. A program, of which Stéphane Fauth, President of Norcan, saw the potential during the health crisis: “We are working on the robotic disinfection market. In addition to the usual insufficient processes (disinfectant wipes or conventional spraying). Our system allows total disinfection, without risk for personnel and objects, the virucide leaving no residue.” At the end of the process (distribution, contact time and ventilation), employees can return to their premises in just a few hours and safely.

The DSVA process was validated according to Standard 72-281 version 2014 and obtained its Marketing Authorization SMR © 05/2020, guaranteeing the effectiveness of Phileas system on viruses at 99.99%, ECO-SUSTAINABLE: no residue, for a maximum flow of 4.2L / h.

DEVEA: Expert in surface disinfection by air, uses liquid centrifugation technology to distribute micro-droplets capable of covering all surfaces. A perfectly mastered process which makes DEVEA the scientific support of this unique offer.

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