An intimate space inspired by the “Viennese” style

Wiener chair was designed by Gabriella Asztalos . Gabriella Asztalos was born in Budapest, grew up and studied in several countries across Western Europe.

Before her design studies, Gabriella was a professional classical ballet dancer. This experience gave her the advantage of knowing exactly how to express emotions, feelings or state of mind through body forms, shapes and movements. 

Gabriella founded her design studio in 2010, which is based in Barcelona with global exposure and costumers worldwide.

The Wiener Chair is part of The Wiener Collection, which is the result of a collaboration between Asztalos design and Luxury Living Group, a world-class firm and leader in the luxury lifestyle and furniture sector. The Wiener chair references the unmistakable style of the late 19th century.

The slim silhouettes and the harmony of the seat back recall the curvy, elegant forms of the Viennese style: a perfect combination of the classic and modern with an intimate space. The chair is presented in lacquered black wood with a Vienna straw seatback.