Desk sitting / standing: all the news

Scientists have been sounding the alarm for while now: We sit too long during the day. In addition to potential weight gain, sitting for too long puts the office worker at risk of cardiovascular complications. An even bigger problem when you are remote working from home. Absolute sedentarization. Only a few meters between your bed, the desk and the fridge…. To encourage movement, the sit / stand desk seems to be an adequate solution. What are we talking about ?

The sit / stand desk is in the same format than the classic version: a flat surface serving as a work area with legs to support it. The main difference lies in the adaptability of the latter which can slide up in height (at the elbows and eyes). This allows the desk to be used in a standing position as well. In just a few seconds of adjustment, often mechanical it is raised via a simple manipulation. Given the resurgence of interest they generate, it seems appropriate to carry out an overview of developments in this area. Small selection of novelties in each price range.

Zodiac 2SA electric height adjustable desk

As with the whole range, the Zodiac 2SA is electrically height adjustable. It can rise from 65 to 125 cm. 80 cm deep, its length can be selected from a range of 140 to 200 cm. The top, 3 cm thick, is made of woody agglomerate with a density of 690 kg / m3. The structure is made of aluminum and steel. Its Italian origin certainly explains the attention paid to ergonomics and elegance. Marketed at a price of 1239 euros (which some may find a little high), it currently benefits from a 20% reduction.

The ErgoAktiv electric sit-stand desk

A little more upscale than the previous one, it has 3 work surfaces placed in parallel. With a clearance from 65 to 130 cm, it is also provided with an electric motor and a remote control with memory. It has an integrated cable drawer. Very elegant, it is available in a wide choice of base colors such as white, shiny aluminum, black … Its price is 1645 euros including tax. An investment that seems wise for architects for example, requiring several work surfaces during the long hours spent developing projects.

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The Flexispot EC1S, the electrical office for all budgets

In order to cover the novelties in all price ranges, let’s take a look a the Flexispot EC1S. With a price slightly lower than 250 euros, it marks by its simplicity and sobriety. Its electric motor nevertheless allows it to be raised from 71 to 121 cm. The extendable frame, with a width ranging from 85cm to 129cm, fits most desk sizes. Just press a button, and you can go from sitting to standing, in an announced time of less than 10 seconds. The frame is made of “industrial grade” steel, which, according to the manufacturer, allows for a weight capacity of 70kg to support the ideal configuration of the workspace.

Proof of their generalization, sit / stand desks are now marketed in all price ranges. This of course guarantees accessibility to as many people as possible. No more cardiovascular problems, or even bedsores for some hard workers who can’t seem to get off their chairs. The ergonomics and the concern for well-being are in full democratization, and we’re not going to complain, quite the contrary!