Synetik Design inc. – The Ergonomic Solution (CANADA)

Founded in 2004 in Joliette, Synetik specializes in design of ergonomic equipment such as industrial and welding stools as well as industrial mat. In addition, our multi-disciplinary team is at your disposal to create your custom projects. Thanks to our innovative solutions, your workers’ health and productivity will be an asset to your business.

Industrial Stools
Whether the working posture requires kneeling, sitting or sit-standing, we have designed a range of stools that meet the needs of your workers. They are offered with durable industrial vinyl upholstery and robust steel base. The 10-year warranty ensures a high quality product for a demanding environment.

Welding Stools
Synetik is the first and only line of ergonomic stools designed specifically for the welding environment. Knowing that welders must regularly use awkward postures, we offer flame resistant suede upholstery for all our stools models.

Industrial Mats
Some workstations are very limited and space does not allow the use of a stool. Our solution: a working mattress placed on the floor or any surface to which the worker must lean on. It is available in various sizes, with industrial vinyl or suede for welding upholstery. On request, we can also design a custom mattress that fits your need.

Custom Projects
Looking for a specialized product that does not exist on the market? An ergonomic issue was raised in your business? Our team of industrial engineers and ergonomists, in addition to our extensive facilities including CNC lathes allow us to design a variety of customized products. From adjustable and removable footrests to protective pads for metal platform, we will work together to find the best solution.

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