Asociacion Espanola de Ergonomia AEE/FEES (Spain)


Ergonomics should provide solutions, because this is what management, executives, workers and their representatives expect from the organizational structures. Manufacturers and distributors of ergonomic products have at least the same importance as the academies, institutes, and research centers in the field of Ergonomics and both are at the heart of the work of the ergonomist practice, which should take an eclectic position.Ergonomics should avoid extremes: it can not be a purely speculative discipline that sails in the experimental field or favor ergonomic consumerism.

Design or corrective ergonomics are too simple frames to define what is done currently, nor is it a question of highlighting other categories such as current participatory ergonomics. The key issue is that ergonomics is practical, technical and after evaluation or research should not always lead to hardware solutions or products, organizational factors being the key to explaining many of the most important issues concerning the well-being within organizations.

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