SAVO Soul chair, designer Olle Lundberg

e2d55-17SAVO Soul chair, designer Olle Lundberg, is the latest addition to the family of office chairs aiming to fulfill all needs of a modern office environment. Built with the most advanced technology available in the simplest form possible, SAVO Soul is fitted with the bare minimum of adjustments.

Following your body´s natural movements, it helps improve both your posture and overall well-being. It is possible to choose optional mechanisms:

  • A6, for multiple users where adjustment needs are few. The adjustment of the back rest’s resistance is automatically adjusted based on the weight of the user.
  • M6, the full multi-dynamic solution where the chair follows all your movements. The few needed adjustments are easy to handle and intuitive.
  • All Savo office chairs are based on the Savo Floating TiltTM concept which allows and stimulate movement with retained support. seen at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014)