Indoor green wall: natural or stabilized, which one to choose?

Cadre Vert develops creative, plant-based and maintenance-free solutions for living and working spaces. Whether it’s for a dynamic company that wants to strengthen its eco-responsible image. A medical practice that wants to change its decor for a more Zen look. A large company that thinks a facelift of its workspaces would be welcome. What to choose?

But stabilized, what does that mean exactly?

It is a plant whose sap has been replaced, by capillarity, with 100% natural glycerin. This operation gives the plant a life expectancy that can range from 1 to 12 years depending on the species and allows it to maintain its splendor without the need to maintain it. Indeed, thanks to this process, plants do not require water, light, or special care such as pruning or the use of fertilizers. Cadre Vert gives you some tips here to help you make your choice!

All about the natural interior green wall

The natural interior green wall is a decorative arrangement that has gradually developed over the past ten years. But by what miracle is this feat possible? This is what we invite you to find out. While everyone appreciates natural plants, we all recognize that their beauty can be fleeting. This is what gives them a certain charm. When their maintenance is placed in our hands, we know that their lifespan can be shortened at the slightest carelessness. That any repeated failure can be fatal to them.

Botany enthusiasts have tested it. Flowers, plants, shrubs and trees are natural treasures that require real attention. Whether in the ground, in a pot or in a planter. Care almost daily or weekly, which is not always available to everyone. For lack of time, real interest or just plain knowledge. A natural interior green wall is a sophisticated artisan creation, which requires some experience. Why ? Because to realize his wall, the designer must take into account a whole set of parameters. Factors linked to the very nature of plants:

  • Their growth, more or less rapid according to the plants. Involving them to be trimmed to keep the original format;
  • The shape, density, volume, color of their foliage … Everything is transformed over time and over time;
  • Their need for water and the installation of an irrigation system so as not to run out;
  • Their exposure: sun, shade, south, north …

The designer must also think about the final location of the green wall. He must consider certain characteristics of the place where the wall will be arranged. The humidity of the air, the temperature, the lighting and even the movement or occupation of people and their number. Finally, it’s not about placing plants all over the place, haphazardly! First of all, we must take into account the growth of plants and their necessary living space. The green wall must look good. It must have a certain quality in the arrangement so that the plants do not capture the spaces of other plants. Which requires a real artistic sense, a taste for aesthetics that cannot be learned in books! Do you think it stops there? Well no !

How to maintain a green wall

Le mur végétal intérieur naturel possède de nombreux attraits. Pour en profiter pleinement il convient de mettre en place un ensemble de moyens techniques et humains. Tous nécessaires à son suivi et son entretien. Quels sont les points essentiels à prendre en compte ? Pour que votre mur végétal intérieur naturel conserve éclat et magnificence, il convient de faire appel à un professionnel. Compte-tenu de tous les éléments évoqués ci-dessus, , paysagiste ou jardinier sauront s’occuper de l’entretien des végétaux. A priori, celui- ci fait le tour de votre entreprise toutes les semaines voire tous les 10 jours. Il arrose ou vérifie que le système d’irrigation fonctionne bien. Il remet un peu d’engrais, retire les feuilles mortes et, si nécessaire, retaille quelques plantes.

Maintaining a natural green wall is a long-term budget. A quite substantial expense which is added to that of the installation. This regular care involves anticipating certain situations such as the closing of offices during the summer. Or, more rarely, the rise and explosion of crises. Anything that influences how businesses operate and how they manage their priorities. Those who preferred natural green walls for the decoration of their workspaces have well understood the consequences of this lately.

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How could they have foreseen the health crisis and its multiple impacts? This exceptional context now invites companies to review their copy. To better adapt to the changes they will have to face. Many of them are already making new commitments. Modify their orientations and adjust their policies for more well-being and comfort. What if the better way to live together went through a very design, aesthetic and sustainable plant decoration? Here is some information collected from Christophe Huisse “Plant Liaison”. Expert and trainer of natural plants for more than 15 years.

How much does an interior green wall cost?

Let us deliver to a price comparison between the 2 types of interior green walls. We started from a case study. The installation of a 12 m2 green wall in the reception room of a company. To be precise, all implementation and maintenance costs are taken into account. To your calculators!

The natural interior green wall: Its price per square meter is between 400 and 700 euros HT. This price corresponds to the creation of the supporting structure. When setting up the watering system and planting plants. That is to say a price which is between 4,800 and 8,400 euros HT. It is also necessary to plan its maintenance. At least 6 major interventions per year depending on the location. At 500 euros excluding tax per visit, 2 routine monthly maintenance of 200 euros excluding tax per visit must be added. Or a cost of 7,000 euros excluding tax per year and 35,000 euros excluding tax over 5 years. The total budget over 5 years for a natural green wall will therefore be between 39,800 and 43,400 euros excluding tax.

The stabilized interior green wall: The price per square meter is between 400 and 1500 euros HT. This price corresponds to the creation of the supporting structure and the establishment of plants. Note that the range is wider because the stabilized plant allows the use of a wider range of plants. It also allows the creation of very dense compositions. That is to say a price which is between 4,800 and and 18,000 euros HT. For the stabilized interior green wall, there is no maintenance. A control visit after 4 years can possibly be scheduled. It should be noted that unlike natural or synthetic plants, stabilized plants are antistatic. They do not retain dust. The total budget over 5 years will therefore be between 4,800 and 18,000 euros excluding tax.

In conclusion

Which is the best choice between the natural interior green wall and the stabilized interior green wall? Each has its supporters. However, it is necessary to deconstruct certain a priori. A natural interior green wall is not that natural. It’s all about achieving a real technical feat. Make him thrive in a habitat that is not his. If you like to take on this type of challenge. If you also have the time and the means. The natural green wall can be a great adventure, and why not a collective one.

As for the stabilized interior green wall, it will generally offer you its share of nature without any constraint. His presence is resolutely soothing. It promotes Zen atmospheres, and lowers the rate of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. Plants help regulate humidity, perfect for soothing tired eyes. So many reasons advocated to favor your team and help it to focus totally on its core business.