Nexign becomes a leader in online customer experience

In the worlds of new technologies, takeovers are less scary than in the banking sector. Perhaps because they are not synonymous with one step closer to a new economic crisis. On the contrary, they often herald technological reinforcements. And this is undeniably the case for this one. Russian company Nexign, one of the largest providers of business support and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announced last week that it has acquired 99% of the capital of British company STORM Technologies ( IT service providers for professionals: cloud, networks, etc.). The latter will remain independent. The announcement of this merger has shaken the market. But, in concrete terms, what changes can we expect? Response elements.

Mutual benefit in a highly competitive sector

This buyback is supposed to benefit both parties. Nexign is expected to strengthen its product portfolio with some of the best digital customer experience management solutions, while Storm Technologies will have access to its colleague’s customer base. And therefore to new customers in the telecommunications sector.

What confirms Igor Gorkov, CEO of the Russian telecommunications giant: “I am convinced that STORM Technologies‘ digital customer experience management solutions will be an excellent addition to Nexign’s product portfolio and that our joint offering will be in demand on the world market ”. STORM Technologies, for its part, is pleased with the access to new markets. The company will have access to Nexign’s technology platform and will be able to promote its solutions around the world. “By being part of the Nexign ecosystem, STORM Technologies will find new business development opportunities, particularly with the telecommunications industry,” said Sergey Byakov, CEO of STORM Technologies.

The Russian giant is eyeing in particular automated digital customer experience management systems. These products provide omnichannel communications. Which aim to improve the quality of service and reduce the costs associated with user support. All this in the broad context of increased competition in the world of call centers. A competition that generates a race to lower customer support costs.

STORM Technologies, the star of automated digital customer experience management systems

The STORM Technologies team has already developed 2 flagship products of automated digital customer experience management systems.

The Cascana platform: is software that acts as a platform and allows companies to quickly create universal and ergonomic workstations for employees of customer contact centers. The platform allows the interfaces of a customer’s existing systems to be combined with all communication channels and security models. All to guarantee a better customer experience.

The Cascana.Customer Engagement Center: it is an advanced omnichannel platform that allows to organize a single workplace for contact center professionals (or call centers in English). The platform enables the robotization of service functions, support for interaction through voice and digital communication channels, as well as the automation of telemarketing processes. Processes like collecting feedback, handling complaints, or automating business process scenarios.

The telecommunications sector has always been highly competitive. And go at full speed. As in the 2000s in the USA, group / technology mergers are increasing. But this does not mean that these companies really disappear. They leave part of their DNA in each new entity created. As Lavoisier said: “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.