ZEI platform, missing link to make the world greener?

In the eyes of the whole world, the Paris agreement marked a historic turning point in the fight against global warming. Hope for a greener future swept across the world. But it is clear that 5 years later, it is a certain disenchantment that is in order. The temperature rise curves do not reverse. Proof that still as much CO2, emitted by fossil fuels, is released by engines and factories. Faced with this observation, Noël Bauza, a young entrepreneur passionate about greentechs (startups using technology to provide sustainable development solutions) decided to act.

Because according to him, the problem is not a lack of will, but of information. On the one hand, consumers do not always have sufficient data to improve their ecological footprint. On the other hand, companies are not necessarily equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to reduce their impact on the environment. Based on this observation, Noël Bauza created the ZEI platform, a real impact accelerator for responsible citizens and committed companies. Zoom on a platform that enlightens individuals and businesses on the path to sustainable development.

Help individuals to better orient themselves

ZEI enlightens individuals on the brands that engage. They can discover their profiles by browsing the portal, as well as all the actions they take for the environment. Consumers become fully aware of the environmental impact of their purchases. The platform also offers eco-responsible alternatives in many areas. Who are: food, lifestyle and well-being, fashion, energy, transport and housing. No more excuses for those who want to reduce their ecological footprint. Finally, articles on the blog discuss eco-responsible actions in various areas of daily life.

A platform to help companies’ CSR policy

To allow companies to measure their environmental impact, in order to progress, the platform has developed a tool that allows them to obtain a score. A score that takes into account environmental, social and governance criteria. All this in order to set goals and thus progress on these points. Once this diagnosis has been established, ZEI offers each company it supports a catalog of more than 800 innovations and alternatives (green electricity suppliers, waste recycling providers, companies specializing in well-being at work, etc.). Action plans are proposed, in partnership with the CSR departments concerned, as well as regular monitoring. This allows companies to ensure that their environmental efforts are real.

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An offer reserved for startup incubators

Since November 2020, ZEI offers an offer only intended for startup incubators. The goal of Noël Bauza? That incubators offer the ZEI platform as part of the range of services they offer to the startups they support. Concretely, ZEI can help incubators to create their own space on the ZEI platform. A space in which they can find their entire portfolio of startups. By starting from a common benchmark, they are thus able to analyze and improve the environmental impact of these companies. Whether in terms of products and services, water and energy consumption, the carbon impact, and even respect for gender equality.

The ambitious Noël Bauza has not finished launching projects to improve our global ecological footprint. The idea of centralizing information on the environmental impact for both individuals and businesses on the same platform seems in any case to meet a need. This is evidenced by the many articles that abound on the Internet for research “reducing your carbon footprint”. Long live ZEI in any case.