Bars and restaurants begin testing methacrylate partitions to reopen after confinement

Photo: Telemadrid

Manuel Gil, an hotelier from Madrid, has already installed partition walls in one of his businesses to try to see the viability of this last of the proposed measures.

As explained in an interview with Telemadrid, these are methacrylate separators. “We have several models and prices range from 600 to 700 euros, although we have cheaper ones,” says the hotelier.
These elements, which separate customers without preventing them from seeing each other, will guarantee two meters of distance and the safety of all. A temporary solution, for which Italy has already shown interest, which is designed so that restaurants can open after the end of confinement and that they do not lose customers for their fear of getting COVID-19.

“They allow to be together but not mixed,” Gil tells Telemadrid. “It is a matter of opening the restaurants as soon as possible.