X-Chair launches X-HMT: the world’s first office chair that heats and massages

X-Chair is an ergonomic office equipment manufacturer based in Maryland, USA. Although it is only 5 years old, it quickly established itself as a major player in the sector. Why ? Thanks to the unanimously recognized quality of its products. As proof, this is a brand that has won over gamers. You know, these video game players (professional or with the desire to become one), constantly revisiting the performance of their equipment to gain comfort and acuity.

X-chair has even gradually established itself as a leader in innovation in the world of ergonomics. On September 28th, the American brand struck again. By announcing the release of the X-HMT model. The first heated and massage office chair! Zoom in on this little gem of ergonomics and technology.

The ergonomic office chair that massages and heats up

An ergonomic office chair that massages and heats, how does it work? The X-HMT offers a constant or variable massage cycle with two intensity levels, for a total of four possible combinations. The principle is similar to that of massage chairs that we are starting to see in some wellness professionals (the massage is done through the chair upholstery).

The chair also benefits from heating parts, centered in particular on the lower back. To supply it with energy, it not only plugs into a conventional outlet, but it can also be plugged into the computer and / or a battery. Heated seat technology already existed in some cars. Notably Scandinavian. It was indeed manufacturers from the cold who introduced this technology in the 90s (Saab and Volvo in particular).

In short, all the technologies existed, but separately… And above all, far from the world of office chairs. The X-HMT is available in several color and upholstery combinations, such as water and stain resistant fabric or supple leather.

An investment but recognized benefits

One can imagine that the X-HMT, borrowing many characteristics from professional products, is not necessarily accessible to all budgets. The brand announces a price range starting at $ 899. This equates to just over 760 euros, with delivery being made in mid-November. But the positive effects of massage and heating are very real.

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We can cite in a non-exhaustive way the benefits linked to heat: increased blood flow, reduced stress and anxiety, increased feeling of energy and therefore productivity. The massage adds positive effects on the muscles that it relaxes. The posture is found firmer. Not to mention the total elimination of pressure points on the back but also the rest of the body. The benefits are in any case unanimously hailed by the lucky ones who have already been able to try this heated seat.

“The X-Chair team takes great pride in being able to deliver a quality product that can really make a difference in people’s daily lives,” said Tony Mazlish, Founder and CEO of X-Chair. The brand boasts of having created the first ergonomic chair that meets the needs of businesses and users alike.

It is undeniable that the X-HMT is a high quality product. It brings many benefits. But at a price, which may not be accessible to all. It is therefore advisable to establish an investment / benefit ratio before purchasing. Which seems a good idea to calculate based on the harms created by sitting as well as the hours spent at your desk.