How will we work tomorrow?

Cologne (Germany) for a few days becomes with ORGATEC 2014 “Office and Object” tradeshow, the capital that brings together the leading manufacturers of furniture sectors, ground, acoustics, lighting, media technique and conferences in the tertiary world.

The “Cheeky” years of 2-digit growth for this sector in Europe, are still behind us. But ahead of us, and this ORGATEC 2014 edition will enlighten it, transversal “roads” are opening, the young “digital natives” are entering the labour market, while the trend of demographic change in Europe shows that our employees are ageing. Intergenerational transverse is a real existential challenge for companies. Let’s make sure we don’t miss it!
Everything changes, just like “work-life balance” gaining importance among employees. With technology becoming more modern, boundaries between work schedules and free time are fading away more and more, a phenomenon to which employers and employees must adapt. The manufacturers presenting their innovations at the tradeshow make it a platform for trends and concepts of tomorrow, flexible mobile offices interconnected, flexible work, and optimization of the quality of the work environment. But good news! Contrary to all predictions and surveys, office in its original meaning continues to exist. Without personal contact, without exchange of ideas and without familiar ritual, a working community cannot function.
Good tradeshow to all!