Well-known for its creativity and high-end products, Manade has played an active role in the history of office design since 1972. Accessories, lights, coat stands, multimedia supports, contract tables, document displays…, over the years, the collections have expanded and a number of strong brands have been created.

Innovation is central to a company’s development strategy: Manade has built up its identity from its search for ergonomic solutions and its willingness to listen to the market. This stringent approach has made Manade a unique name in the ever-changing office equipment sector. As proof of its dynamic attitude, Manade is continuing its development by widening its product ranges in complementary areas -mainly in the division of space with partitions and acoustic screens and its ranges of third level accessories.

Extensive work with well-known designers and creative minds has been undertaken along the way and the approach has proved to be very successful. Martin Szekely, Philippe Michel, Philippe Stephant,Emmanuel Gallina, Jean Yves Missir, Jean René Talopp, Jean Pierre Vitrac, Luis Jamarillo and the firm of Guérin & Breifuss have all played their part, with the team from Manade itself, in increasing the brand’s reputation worldwide.